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Safe-related expertise –

tips and information on buying a safe.

Essential tips
for buying a safe

So you’ve decided to buy a safe, but there are so many different aspects to consider. To make this process much easier and guide you through every step of the way, we have put together the most essential tips and tricks for you in our section on safe purchasing tips.

These include the key points relating to the following aspects of buying a safe:

  • Choosing the correct safe size
  • Finding the perfect safe type for your needs
  • Selecting the ideal spot for your safe
  • Deciding on the appropriate resistance grade and insurance cover for your safe
  • Understanding statutory safe requirements in the commercial sector
  • Finding a suitable lock for your safe
  • 3 important considerations when buying a safe

Everything you need to know about
security and safes

The subject of security is a key concern when it comes to buying a safe. After all, a safe is not just a safe: don’t be swayed by the look of a safe before you make your purchase, as the true quality of a safe can’t be seen from the outside. Certified safes feature a sticker on the inside specifying the security level classification. You should also make sure that the safe bears the label of a recognised institute such as the VdS or ECB-S. This is the best way to ensure that it has been tested by a qualified certification body, found to be secure, and given the seal of approval in the form of a quality label.

In this section, we discuss the following points relating to safe security in more detail:

  • Safe security levels and resistance grades
  • Safe tests
  • Safe insurance values
  • Burglar alarm systems


We have called upon our many years of experience and the variety of queries received from our customers and prospective safe buyers to put together a list of the most essential and frequently asked questions in a dedicated FAQ zone just for you.

These include questions such as:

  • Why does it make sense to have a safe?
  • What are the most important considerations when buying a safe?
  • What should I be aware of when it comes to safe security levels?
  • Which safe is the right one for me?
  • How will my safe be transported?
  • How is a safe secured and anchored in place?

If you still can’t find the answers you’re looking for, then don’t hesitate to get in touch for a personal chat – we’re always happy to help!

More information
on safes

Our “All about safes” section is where we’ve put together even more key points for you to consider when buying your safe, so be sure to take a look before making your purchase: