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Anywhere large volumes of files, paperwork and documents have to be safely locked away, filing cabinets offer the perfect compromise between basic steel office cupboards and fireproof safes.

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filing cabinets

Our single-walled steel cabinets are available in a wide range of different designs, including

  • Those with special features for protection against espionage or sabotage – ideal for offices, authorities, ministries and high-security wings
  • Those with a large interior depth, such as those for protecting an operational multimedia system – an ideal solution for environments including schools and training centres
  • Those used as a filing cabinet with a safe-like design

Double-walled and fireproof
filing cabinets

Our fireproof filing cabinets offer the ideal security for your documents. They also provide exceptional protection against unauthorised access and some models even come complete with smoke protection seals and foaming fire protection seals that activate in the event of a fire.

Suspension filing cabinets

Filing cabinets with hanging files are an ideal solution for the secure storage of documents that are not kept in conventional file folders. These are also available in a range of different sizes.

Filing cabinets and document safes

Fireproof filing cabinets

Every year, the German Institute for Risk Management and Loss Research for Public-Sector Insurers (IFS e.V.) releases its statistics* on fire damage. These are based on around 1400 identified causes of fire, which are collected in the IFS damage database and statistically evaluated.

In 2014, there were no fewer than 175,354 fires and explosions reported across Germany (according to statistics from the German Fire Brigade Association**). This shows that the IFS statistics are just the tip of the iceberg. That said, they have remained the same over the years when it comes to how the causes of fire are broken down. Many fires are not investigated by the IFS, as the damage is easy to identify and there is no need to determine the cause – in the case of lightning strikes, for example.

How likely is a workplace fire?

According to IFS statistics, the main causes of fire in the workplace are electricity, human error, arson attacks and overheating, which combine to make up over 65% of fires.

The number of electricity-based accidents is expected to increase rather than decrease in the coming years, as the demand for increased power within electronic devices often harbours risks. This includes overburdened lithium batteries in devices such as laptops, tablets and smartphones, which can quickly result in the development of a fire. In recent years, even solar panels have been known to cause fires in the roof structure of a building.

Another typical cause can be found in staff kitchens fitted with a cooker. All it takes is the briefest of distractions – such as a quick question from a colleague – and the hob could set on fire because you’ve forgotten about your food. As for chemicals or explosive substances, these present a risk if they are stored incorrectly, which is why they must be stored in special hazmat cabinets in line with legal requirements.

Protecting documents against fire

If your important documents are already stored in a fireproof filing cabinet, you have already made an excellent start when it comes to security. The insurance often covers any damage, but the less work you have to deal with after a burglary as a result of lost documents, the faster you can get back to your daily business.

Buying a filing cabinet

It’s safe to say that security is our number-one priority, and HARTMANN TRESORE has provided over 200,000 happy customers with safes over the years. No matter what type of filing cabinets you need to suit your own, specific purposes and security requirements, you can always count on HARTMANN TRESORE.

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*Source: Institut für Schadenverhütung und Schadenforschung der öffentlichen Versicherer e.V. [German Institute for Risk Management and Loss Research for Public-Sector Insurers] (

**Source: German Fire Services Association (DFV e.V.) (