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Premium security-tested strongrooms

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If you simply don’t have the space for a safe, strongrooms are the next best thing in terms of reliable protection. This makes them ideal as an archive as well as for secure and legally compliant storage of pharmaceuticals or weapons. HARTMANN TRESORE strongrooms are based on a modular design with many options freely selectable including the height, width, depth, door and locking system.

Modular design –
Secure and flexible

Strongrooms can be set up individually or else as room-in-room systems within existing spaces. Further advantages of their modular design are as follows:

  • The system components are extremely compact, making them relatively light. They are installed directly on site as a drywall construction and secured further still by welding.
  • The walls comprise individual panels. In the event of relocation, the strongroom can be disassembled and reconstructed in the new location.
  • The strongroom can also be expanded if required.

In addition to the doors, HARTMANN TRESORE strongrooms also come complete with tested and certified anti-burglary protection according to EN 1143-1 and are available in various different resistance grades.

What’s more, the strongroom doors can also be fitted with components for connecting them to a burglar alarm system on request.

Strongrooms –
The advantages

Quick: The modular design complete with panels means the strongrooms can be installed in no time.

Suitable for anywhere: Strongrooms can be installed on any floor as long as the static conditions in terms of load capacity (kg/m²) are met. They can be installed in new buildings or even when redesigning existing spaces.

Extendable: Strongrooms can be extended or disassembled to be installed in another location.

Optimal use of space: The minimal thickness of the panels facilitates optimal utilisation of the entire available space.

Lightweight: The panels are made of special material that is particularly lightweight yet high-strength.

Individual configuration: The size of the room, the door and the locking system can all be freely selected.

Accessories: The option is also available for the strongroom to come complete with boreholes for feeding in cables and/or a ventilation system. What’s more, components for connecting to a burglar alarm system or an internal barrier system can also be installed.

Panels –
Technical data

Fixing type: “V”

  • All panels are labelled with their type designation and width
  • Strongroom resistance grade 0–IX: Metal interior, metal exterior
  • Strongroom resistance grade V–IX: Metal interior, cement exterior
  • Prepared for a final coat of paint
  • The outer covering and other materials for cladding the panels can be freely selected.

Strongroom locking systems –
It’s your choice

The strongrooms and corresponding strongroom doors can be kitted out with various locking systems. In fact, you can choose from a double-bit maximum security lock, mechanical number combination lock, electronic keypad combination lock, or the first independent, VdS-recognised, biometric locking system complete with fingerprint scanner. Better still, it’s even possible to combine two different locking systems. Information on the advantages and disadvantages of the various locking systems can also be found on the Tips and tricks for buying a safe page. A variety of handles and fittings are available for all types of lock.

Of course, if you’d like to get in touch then we’ll be more than happy to help you decide which locking technology is the right one for you.

Burglar alarm systems –
Increase your security with an electronic alarm

The strongroom doors certified according to EN 1143-1 can also be fitted with a VdS-certified burglar alarm system or else certain components of this system on request. The burglar alarm system comprises a control unit, two connection cables, two seismic sensors, a contact sensor and an opening sensor.

Additional options
for your strongroom

Thanks to their modular design, strongrooms from HARTMANN TRESORE can be flexibly adapted to suit both the spatial conditions and the customer’s personal requirements. This relates to both the external features and any other special equipment, which includes the following options:

  • Ventilation system
  • Air-conditioning system
  • Boreholes for feeding in cables
  • Configuration including components for installing a VdS-certified burglar alarm system
  • Barrier system for the security door

Project development –
Planning your strongroom

Implementing a strongroom starts by specifying the most important requirements that the room has to fulfil. These include the following aspects:

  • Anti-burglary protection for the strongroom
  • External dimensions and – if necessary – spatial restrictions related to the installation
  • Anti-burglary resistance grade of the door
  • Locking system
  • Barrier system (yes/no)
  • Any accessories: Ventilation system, boreholes for feeding in cables, etc.

It is only once all of the necessary details have been established in this planning phase and the customer has confirmed all of their details that the room components are individually manufactured and the project comes to life.

Strongroom doors –
Security for your strongroom

Certified HARTMANN TRESORE strongrooms are protected by strongroom doors that are also certified according to EN 1143-1. These doors are available in various sizes in designs with resistance grades from 0–IX, and you can choose whether you would like a door with the same or higher resistance grade than the strongroom itself. You can even choose whether you would like the door hinges to be on the left or right, the locking system, and whether you would like a barrier system.

The strongroom doors are multi-walled with a special filling and also boast a high-security locking system complete with nickel-plated bolts. What’s more, the strongroom doors can also be fitted with components for connecting them to an existing or future burglar alarm system on request. Linking up with a burglar alarm system recognised by the VdS also increases your level of insurance cover.

Installation –
How your strongroom will be installed

Once all of the planning is out of the way, we then continue to take care of every aspect of the project from start to finish. The strongroom is delivered and professionally installed by trained and experienced security experts and technicians.

The individual system components are installed as a drywall construction and secured further still by welding. This creates a highly burglar-proof construction with an equally burglar-proof strongroom door that is firmly anchored within the frame.

Certified anti-burglary protection –
Tested by independent certification bodies

Strongboxes, strongrooms and strongroom doors from HARTMANN TRESORE have all undergone various tests involving mechanical and thermal burglary tools used by recognised, independent certification bodies, such as risk management company ‘VdS Schadenverhütung GmbH’, according to the European standard EN 1143-1 and VdS 2450. Depending on the results, these are then split into various anti-burglary protection classes. For resistance grades 0 to IX, the storage units are subjected to two partial and two full breach tests, which are used to calculate two resistance values. These are then established as designated resistance units and specify the security level of the respective strongbox or strongroom.

Locker systems –
Secure storage for your valuables

If you would like to provide a facility for storing and protecting both valuables and confidential documents, your strongroom can also be fitted out with a locker system. Its modular construction means the system can be set up as either a freestanding unit or secured to the walls.

The locker system is made of premium-quality steel with a 10 mm door leaf. Speaking of the doors, these have an opening angle of 95° and are each engraved with sequential numbers. The option is available to choose between a mechanical or magnetic locking system with two keys for the customer and – if necessary – an additional key for use in the banking sector, for example.

The locker system can be supplied in different colours and with different surfaces.

Strongroom models –
Possible specifications

  • Panel thickness: 55 mm
  • Required surface area: approx. 2 m²
  • Total material area: 15 m² including ventilation system
  • Floor reinforced with special concrete elements including the strongroom door that has been certified according to EN 1143-1
  • Door clearance dimensions: H x L 1980 x 970 mm
  • Door weight: approx. 390 kg
  • Electronic locking system with mechanical adjustment
  • Barrier system: Weight approx. 45 kg

Your personalised strongroom –
We’ll be happy to help

If you have any questions about strongrooms then our safe specialists are ready and waiting to go through whatever you need to know! Simply get in touch via telephone or email. Alternatively, you can also use our contact form to send us any questions or suggestions you may have. It goes without saying that our personal consultation service is non-binding and entirely free of charge. We’re just happy to be of service!

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