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Our minibars
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In addition to room safes, key safes and back-office safes, our product portfolio for the hotel industry also includes minibars.

Provide added comfort for your guests and create a “home from home”! A minibar allows your guests to enjoy cool drinks and snacks whenever they want at any time of day without having to leave their room.

Check out our  most popular minibars in this brief overview.

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with Peltier cooling

Offering state-of-the-art Peltier technology, these minibars are great for saving energy while also being silent and vibration-free!

What’s more, they’re also available in various different sizes ranging from 20 to 60 litres. Depending on the model, they can be installed inside a cupboards or set up as a freestanding unit within the room. Our models with see-through doors are the ideal choice for freestanding installation, as guests are more likely to make a purchase if they can see the chilled drinks and snacks on offer inside.

The Peltier minibars come complete with height-adjustable shelves and, depending on the model, removable door inserts and internal LED lighting.

with absorption cooling

Our minibars with absorption technology are 100% silent when switched on. What’s more, they’re also available in various different sizes and designs ranging from 27 to 40 litres.

The minibar models come complete with internal LED lighting and height-adjustable shelves so that they can be set up to suit whatever contents you choose to stock. They can even be installed inside built-in cupboards without any trouble.

HARTMANN minibars
Energy-saving, vibration-free and silent

Our range of models includes minibars with absorption cooling, as well as minibars with thermoelectric cooling based on Peltier technology. Both of these models are completely silent in operation and really set themselves apart thanks to their low energy consumption.

In addition to minibars with closed front doors, which are primarily integrated into cupboards, we also offer minibars with glass display doors to encourage your guests to buy drinks and snacks.

Various areas of application

HARTMANN TRESORE minibars can be found in hotels and guest houses of all different types, although they are particularly ideal for use in clinics, care facilities and halls of residence. Please note that our range of minibars is only available to commercial customers!

It doesn’t get better than this: Peltier minibars with energy efficiency class A+

If you’re looking for a particularly economical solution, our minibars with Peltier cooling systems are just what you need. With their A+ rating, they also boast the best possible energy efficiency class that currently exists for silent minibars. This all combines to give Peltier minibars countless advantages for guests and hoteliers alike:

  • Minibars with Peltier cooling are completely silent and vibration-free during operation
  • With energy efficiency class A+, Peltier minibars are particularly economical in terms of their energy consumption
  • The minibars are entirely maintenance-free, wear-free and durable
  • No chance of icing over, so no defrosting or thawing is required

Premium-quality minibars from HARTMANN TRESORE –
Silent convenience

Buying minibars for hotels

These days, you can expect to find a minibar in virtually any hotel room you stay in.

Tips for using a minibar

Used correctly, a minibar can contribute to an increase in a hotel’s sales, so we’ve put together a few tips for you:

  • Don’t offer too many products – the greater the selection, the harder it is to make a decision
  • Find out whether your guests consume more if you give them a voucher on arrival at reception for a free drink from the minibar.
  • Considering offering a drink that is a local speciality
  • The latest trend is offering guests an empty minibar. You can then let them fill it up with items from a larger bar at the hotel reception so that they can choose for themselves what they would most like to drink
  • This also provides guests with the opportunity to chill their own products in the minibar, such as medication or baby food
  • To avoid any discrepancies when paying for the drinks, the minibars can even be included in the room rate upwards of a certain room category. This means neither you nor your guests need to worry about the cost of what they are enjoying from the minibar

Minibar in the cupboard or with a glass door?

Minibars are generally integrated into a cupboard. A minibar with a clear glass door that is positioned prominently by the TV, however, offers the advantage of always being in sight of guests to encourage them to make a purchase. Right at the end of the day, this is where you can increase the likelihood of impulse buys.

Affordable minibars

Minibars are a great way of offering your guests a service that creates a subliminal positive impression, so you should think of them in broader terms than just their profitability.

Drinks machines in the corridors may be a practical solution, but your guests don’t to be wandering around the halls in their pyjamas late at night just to get a drink. This is definitely not the best way to make them feel comfortable and it will also cut down on impulse purchases, so minibars should essentially always be on the list for any hotels above a certain rating.

Buying a minibar

At HARTMANN TRESORE, we can already count over 200,000 people among our satisfied customers. A wide range of different hotels already rely on our products, with over 500,000 of our safes and minibars already installed.

We will be delighted to help you with planning and setting up your rooms to ensure you can provide your guests with that extra special service in the form of a minibar. If you would like to get in touch for a non-binding quote, simply give us a call free of charge on our customer services telephone number: 0800 873767.