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HARTMANN key safes are available in a whole host of different sizes and security levels – not to mention the most diverse range of configurations – meaning staying on top of your keys couldn’t be easier.

Check out our most popular key safes and key cabinets in this brief overview.

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Key safes, key cabinets and key management –
The key to added security for your company

Our experience has shown that the subject of key management plays a crucial role in virtually all companies and institutions, and that’s including SMEs. In many cases, it is not just a question of storing the keys securely in a designated place, but one of providing an organised key management solution.

Key safes are available in a whole host of different sizes and security levels for every area of application – from smaller key cabinets right through to huge key safes with resistance grade II according EN 1143-1. 

We also offer special key safes for a wide variety of different commercial applications, including:

Key safes –
Secure and professional key storage

With our tested and certified key safes, you can store your keys somewhere that not only offers security, but also provides the perfect organisation. HARTMANN TRESORE offers key safes in a wide variety of different security levels and resistance grades – right through to resistance grade II – no matter whether you have 5, 50, 500 or even 5000 keys to store!



Secure key management
and professional key storage

In addition to providing somewhere secure to store your keys, key management and key storage systems also make life so much easier when it comes to organising your keys effectively.

Our range includes key management systems for a whole host of different requirements, including:

  • Electronic key management systems, which offer different authorisation options and comprehensive control of key movements
  • Mechanical key management systems, which operate entirely without electronics, making them straightforward to use and suitable for universal use

Both systems ensure that you will always know which of your employees has which key at any given time, meaning tedious searching and asking around are things of the past!

What’s more, both the mechanical and electronic key management systems benefit from a modular design, allowing you to expand and upgrade your key management system at any time. In areas where security is paramount, both systems can also be incorporated into a safe or – if you have a large number of keys to manage – a strongroom of your choice. This feature provides added security for your keys if they need to be left overnight, for example.

Electronic key management systems

An electronic key management system provides a professional key management solution with all the control features you could possibly want.

At any given time, you will know which employees have taken which keys, when they were taken, and when they were brought back, with all user activity and key movements recorded and documented in real time. You can even assign individual authorisations for users, user groups and keys. Using the appropriate software, you can check which keys are available – as well as when they were taken and by whom – using a PC or laptop. You can even manage several key cabinets from a central switchboard.

To top it all off, the key management systems from HARTMANN TRESORE are incredibly straightforward and convenient to operate. Access to the keys is provided via a touchscreen, and LEDs next to the key positions make finding the key you want a piece of cake.

The key management system can be anchored to the wall, built into it, positioned as a freestanding unit, or – for added security – integrated into a safe or strongroom.

Secure storage of even your valuables

The option is also available to extend the advantages of the electronic management system to cover the secure storage of your valuables. If this is something of interest, the system can be supplied with valuables compartments in addition to the key holders. In fact, you can even choose to have a combination of key holders and valuables compartments or else valuables compartments only. The compartments are available in various sizes with a variety of different configurations, such as LED interior lighting, a USB charging facility, and even an integrated weighing scale.

If you are interested in finding out more, contact us to order or download the catalogue for our electronic management system.

Key cabinets –
Secure and organised key storage

Our product portfolio covers a wide range of key safes with a whole host of different configurations and equipment options, such as individually adjustable hook rails, sequential numbering, fold-out hook rails, or key boards with freely mountable key hooks.

Emergency key containers

Emergency key containers are special key safes made of stainless steel designed to be fixed into or screwed onto a wall. This makes them well suited to being installed outdoors – ideal for getting hold of that all-important ‘emergency’ key!

Key dispenser systems –
Secure and convenient for customers

As a specialist in all things security, we have worked alongside our customers and insurance companies to develop solutions that are primarily intended to meet the changing security requirements of our commercial customers, including motor vehicle companies and car dealerships.

After all, it is no coincidence that technologies such as electronic immobilisers have brought about a fundamental change in the type and nature of car thefts in recent years. The first objective of a car thief is to get hold of the original key. For this reason, handling and storage of car keys during and outside business hours is extremely important not only in order to prevent major damage, but also to ensure the insurability of your company is not compromised.

This is why we offer a secure solution to deal with the sensitive task of dropping off and picking up keys in the form of our key dispenser systems. Every key dispenser system is available in a variety of different sizes – even for smaller motor vehicle companies!

If you have any questions or would like further information, just give us a call! We will be happy to pay you a visit and work together with you to develop your ideal solution.

Your key safe –
We’re happy to help

If you have any questions about key safes then our specialists are ready and waiting to go through whatever you need to know! Simply get in touch via telephone or email. Alternatively, you can also use our contact form to send us any questions or suggestions you may have. It goes without saying that our personal consultation service is non-binding and entirely free of charge. We’re just happy to be of service!



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