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At HARTMANN TRESORE, you can always rely on a wide selection of premium-quality, tested and certified gun safes and rifle cabinets for long guns and hand guns in all resistance grades approved by the Weapons Act.

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+++ New Weapons Act in force since 06.07.2017 +++

Since 6 July 2017, new requirements for keeping weapons have been in force in Germany! These stipulate that all new gun safes have to conform to resistance grade 0 as a minimum according to EN 1143-1. With immediate effect, security levels A and B according to VDMA 24992 are no longer permitted for new weapons purchases. For more information, take a look at the Weapons Act page!

Long-gun safes
and long-gun cabinets

We’re confident that we have the perfect gun safe for your long guns! Our range includes long-gun safes in a wide variety of sizes and configurations, with all resistance grades approved by the Weapons Act, not to mention a number of models with certified fire protection.

Handgun safes
and handgun cabinets

Even our gun safes designed for the secure storage of handguns are available in a whole host of sizes and all resistance grades approved by the German Weapons Act according to EN 1143-1.

Handgun locker systems

We also offer a handgun locker system for the secure storage of handguns and ammunition. The basic version comes complete with seven lockers and can be expanded to include a further seven compartments. The handgun locker system is designed for use in secure armouries or else for integration into a certified safe, as it does not have a security level of its own.

Armoury doors

Armoury doors offer protection for entire rooms or sections of a building if you are looking to store larger quantities of weapons and ammunition. This is often the case in places such as clubhouses, armouries and shooting ranges. Our armoury doors are available in various different dimensions and resistance grades.


Another alternative to a gun safe is an armoury with a modular design. These can be integrated directly into a building, whether it is a new-build or a renovation. Our armouries are tested and certified according to EN 1143-1 and are available in various resistance grades.

Solid timber gun safes

The basic structure of our solid timber gun safes is made of solid oak and includes integrated security features of stainless steel and special bullet-proof glass. What’s more, the solid timber gun safes from HARTMANN TRESORE are the only solid timber gun safes approved by VdS! They are also certified according to EN 1143-1 and conform to resistance grade 0.

Bullet-proof glass rifle cabinet

The bullet-proof glass rifle cabinets from the secure and prestigious HARTMANN Exclusive Line are sure to look just the part for housing your most impressive weapons.

The large-scale, bullet-proof glass panes and interior lighting showcase your weapons in the perfect light. Seven different colours and shades of wood are available for the corpus, with four different shades to choose from for the interior of the gun safe. Bullet-proof glass rifle cabinets are available in various anti-burglary protection classes up to resistance grade I according to EN 1143-1.



Wood effect

In addition to our trusty branded gun safes, our range also includes gun cabinets featuring a sophisticated wood effect. The final colours and wooden finishes are entirely your choice, as is the shade of the interior design with four available options. Better still, these wood-effect cabinets are also available as corner units.

Timber-frame cabinets

Are you looking for a gun safe that blends perfectly with the rest of your hunting room? Then our carpenters will be delighted to create the perfect piece of oak furniture to house your gun safe for a more discreet finish in your living area. So if you’re interested in a timber-frame cabinet, all you have to do is select your ideal gun safe from our extensive range and leave us to come up with your bespoke oak cabinet.

These timber-frame cabinets are available for gun safes of all sizes – even double-door models – not to mention any gun safes you may already have!

In-vehicle gun safes

In-vehicle gun safes are designed to transport firearms and hunting knives securely in line with legal regulations, as these weapons must not be accessible while the vehicle is in motion. Why take any chances? Our in-vehicle gun safes are available in various sizes with security level A and also based on security level A. What’s more, all models come complete with bore holes to ensure they can be fixed securely in place. 

Ammunition cabinets

Our range of gun safes includes ammunition cabinets of various shapes and sizes, making them perfect for storing larger quantities of ammunition securely, such as those found in clubhouses and shooting ranges.

Gun safes and gun cabinets

Key facts and information
Here’s what you can keep in your gun safe.
  • Based on resistance grades
  • Illustrative overview
  • Additional information
Security rating Long guns Hand guns Ammunition Insurable up to
0 according to EN 1143-1, weight under 200 kg Unlimited Up to 5 Yes €40,000
0 according to EN 1143-1, weight over 200 kg Unlimited Up to 10 Yes €40,000
I according to EN 1143-1 Unlimited Unlimited Yes €65,000
II according to EN 1143-1 Unlimited Unlimited Yes €100,000
III according to EN 1143-1 Unlimited Unlimited Yes €200,000

For more information, take a look at the Weapons Act page.

To open the PDF document in A4 size, simply click on the image!

The storage of weapons is subject to the stringent legislation applicable in the Federal Republic of Germany. For your convenience, we have summarised the key details from this legislation on our ‘Weapons Act’ page.

Secure weapon storage

As a specialist in secure and legally compliant weapon storage, we’re confident that we have the perfect gun safe for your long guns and handguns. The Weapons Act is particularly stringent when it comes to storing firearms, stipulating that they must be stored out of reach and with the appropriate resistance grade. Whether you’re a hunter, sports marksman, local authority or professional arms bearer, you’re sure to find the ideal armoury for long guns, handguns or ammunition from HARTMANN TRESORE. Our special weapon safes are available in all resistance grades approved by the Weapons Act, and our range includes over 150 different gun safe models. What’s more, we also offer ammunition cabinets as well as armoury doors and armouries for larger spaces.

Gun safes for marksmen, hunters and professional arms bearers

As a result of the company’s close collaboration with marksmen, hunters and professional arms bearers, HARTMANN TRESORE has proven itself as a recognised expert when it comes to the secure storage of weapons. As a long-standing partner of several regional hunting associations and communities including the German Federation of Professional Hunters (BSB), and as the official equipment supplier to both the German Shooting Federation (DSB) and the country’s national team, we are well versed in the fundamental considerations behind every gun safe and rifle cabinet purchase:

  • Quality: German safety standards – our gun safes are tested and certified by recognised and independent testing institutes such as the VdS
  • Service: Friendly and competent from start to finish – even after you’ve made your purchase
  • Price: At HARTMANN TRESORE, you can rest assured of fair and reputable terms. We even offer affordable gun safe terms for young hunters – just get in touch!

Which gun safe is the right one for you?

First things first, it is essential for gun safes to comply with legislative security requirements. Then, depending on the quantity of weapons you would like to store, you also have to consider the various different sizes and resistance grades of the gun safes. A gun safe with resistance grade N (0) according to EN 1143-1, which weighs under 200 kg, for example, may be used to store an unlimited number of long guns but only up to five handguns. A gun safe should be firmly secured to make it as difficult as possible to steal in the event of a burglary, particularly as an increasing number of crime reports refer to entire safes being stolen. This is frequently because the perpetrators have virtually no time to open a gun safe that complies with the latest security standards while still on site. As a result, these safes are usually taken away in a truck so that the burglars can try to open them in a quiet, secluded place where there is no risk of being discovered. This means that the heavier, larger and more firmly secured your gun safe is, the more secure your weapons will be. In Germany, gun safes must comply with the provisions stipulated in the Weapons Act (WaffG). Depending on the type and number of weapons that are to be stored, the gun safe is required to meet a certain resistance grade according to EN 1143-1. If you would like to take a look at the original regulations on secure weapon storage for yourself, you will find most of these in Section 36 of the Weapons Act (WaffG) and in Section 13 of the General Ordinance on the Weapons Act (AWaffV). Further information on the Weapons Act and the new regulations from 6 July 2017 can be found here.

Gun safes for your living area – security meets design

Not every gun safe looks like the kind of piece that you would like to have on display in your home. A solid steel cabinet is a great choice in professional settings and cellars, or else it can be concealed within a cupboard. The only problem then is that your impressive weapon selection will be entirely out of sight, and these cabinets often simply don’t look right in your living area. This is exactly why, in addition to our branded gun safes that have proven their worth thousands of times over, we also offer gun safes for our customers with a more individual sense of style. Whether you’re looking for bullet-proof-glass gun safes or display cases, a gun safe integrated into an oak cabinet, solid timber gun safes, or airbrushed gun safes featuring a design of your choice – if you own a weapon then you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for at HARTMANN TRESORE.

How secure is a gun safe?

Safes and gun safes are incredibly secure – particularly when they are set up in an occupied building or residential area. This is because burglars don’t have enough time to open them without making any noise. For gun safes in public buildings such as shooting ranges or clubhouses, there are special regulations that apply. Our gun safes undergo intensive testing and cannot be opened using commercially available tools found in DIY stores. Also, contrary to what you often see in films or TV shows, it is not possible to crack a combination lock using a stethoscope.

The various locking mechanisms are all equally secure and each come with their own advantages and disadvantages. In the case of a combination or keypad lock, for example, you always have to remember the code. This poses a risk if multiple people know the code, particularly if they write it down and hide it somewhere in the house. On the other hand, you don’t need to ask yourself questions such as ‘Where shall I put the key to the gun safe?’ A gun safe with a double-bit key is incredibly secure; however, the key itself is relatively large. For this reason, you shouldn’t keep it in the house if at all possible. Burglars will go straight to obvious hiding places, such as:

  • Drawers
  • Under the mattress
  • Behind paintings/pictures
  • In glasses
  • Locked drawers

They might even try looking for valuables in other supposedly safe hiding places and, if they find these quickly, any anti-burglary protection is lost. With this in mind, you should always keep the key in a different room from the one in which you store your weapons as a bare minimum. From a psychological point of view, it may also help to attach a note next to the lock or on the safe itself to say something like “Key (or combination) not kept in the building”. In the best-case scenario, the burglar will believe you and not waste their time hunting for the key. In the worst-case scenario, the burglar will just carry on with their plans anyway. For added security, you could even print out a huge pair of eyes to make burglars feel like they’re being watched in the hope that they then want to get out of the house more quickly (take a look at ‘Cues of being watched enhance cooperation in a real-world setting’ by Melissa Bateson, Daniel Nettle and Gilbert Roberts).

In the case of a second-hand gun safe with a key, there’s always the risk that you are not the only person to have access to the contents, as copies of the key may have been made. Breaking into a safe requires special tools and lots of time, which is why most burglars fall at the first hurdle when encountered with security cabinets that are fixed in place. Our gun safes and gun cabinets are designed and developed in line with the very latest security standards, making it especially difficult for burglars to access what’s inside.

What security level does a gun safe need to have?

When it comes to storing weapons and ammunition, a new regulation has been in force in Germany since 6 July 2017 to stipulate that gun safes must have a minimum resistance grade of 0 according to EN 1143-1.

An internal compartment within the cabinet complete with a pivoting bolt lock or similar locking mechanism can be an ideal addition for storing ammunition. Ammunition may be stored alongside the weapons as long as it is not the right kind of ammunition for those particular firearms.

There are no specifications regarding the weight of a gun safe. Nevertheless, in the case of a gun safe with resistance grade 0, if it weighs under 200 kg, it may only house five handguns alongside the long guns. If it weighs over 200 kg, however, it may house up to 10 handguns and an unlimited number of long guns. Generally speaking, the heavier the gun safe is, the more difficult it is to steal.