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Our drop-down safes
at a glance

drop-down safe, also known as a deposit safe, features drawers or deposit slots with special technical devices in place to protect against being tampered with or removed. Depending on their configuration and use, these safes are also referred to as drawer safes or night safes.

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Secure cash management

The advantage of drop-down safes is the ability to deposit cash or other valuables – such as cash-drop boxes, envelopes and float purses – without having to open the safe itself. These are a particularly popular choice in the catering industry, at petrol stations and other chain stores when it comes to the secure storage of cash takings and floats.

All employees (such as waiters and cashiers) can deposit money into the safe; however, only certain individuals – such as the director or manager – are able to open it. What’s more, these drop-down safes are designed in such a way that it is not possible to access the valuables inside via the deposit hatch or drawer. Drop-down safes are available with a double-bit key or an electronic lock.

Special drop-down safes

HARTMANN TRESORE offers special types of drop-down safes that are ideally suited to certain areas of application. These special safes include drop-off safes, to name just one example. These come complete with a special deposit chute that is generally designed to allow keys to be dropped off, making them ideal for car hire and transportation companies as their customers and employees can return keys securely outside of standard office opening hours. As for drop-off/pick-up safes, these even facilitate a secure exchange of objects such as keys and paperwork. This type of safe is the perfect solution for car dealerships, for example, that would like to allow their customers to drop off and pick up their vehicles outside of standard opening hours.

based on security level A according to VDMA 24992 (05/95)

Drop-down safes
based on A

based on security level B according to VDMA 24992 (05/95)

Drop-down safes
based on B

Drop-down safes
Resistance grade D-I

Resistance grade D-I according to EN 1143-2

In terms of anti-burglary protection, the special resistance grades for drop-down safes (D-I, D-II and D-III) conform to resistance grades I, II and III according to EN 1143-1!

Drop-down safes
Resistance grade D-II

Resistance grade D-II according to EN 1143-2

Drop-down safes
Resistance grade D-III

Resistance grade D-III according to EN 1143-2

Drop-down safes and deposit safes

Experienced, competent developers of individual safe solutions

Our drop-down safes are available in various sizes and resistance grades, not to mention with a variety of different locking systems. We work in close cooperation with customers from a variety of different sectors, which has allowed us to develop a number of bespoke deposit systems over the years. These systems have been designed to meet the most diverse requirements, such as special deposit safes for dropping off keys for car hire companies or garages.

If you can’t find a ‘standard’ drop-down safe to suit your needs, or if you’d simply rather have a personalised solution, we will be more than happy to work together with you to come up with the perfect product. In addition to providing a secure storage facility for your takings and other valuables, we can also guarantee that the entire process will be straightforward from start to finish.

Advantages of drop-down safes

  • Effective management of cash takings during POS accounting
  • Automated handover processes
  • High level of security, as items can no longer be accessed once they have been deposited

Cash management – security for the daily takings

Burglaries are not only a risk, they’re also a hassle to deal with. Fortunately, thanks to the haplessness and poor planning of the burglars, about half of all burglaries are resolved. The risk of a fatality or injury is also relatively low, as burglaries resulting in death are extremely rare.

That said, burglaries really are a nuisance:

  • Your employees are exposed to an incalculable risk and often traumatised by the experience
  • Your insurance company may insist on expensive upgrades to prevent further damage
  • If more burglaries take place, there’s also the risk that your insurance will be terminated

Despite the often low value of the stolen goods and the high level of risk involved, three burglaries still take place every single day. Places that are particularly at risk include:

  • Petrol stations
  • Amusement arcades
  • Pharmacies
  • Catering industry

By investing in a deposit safe, you can make regular drops of your daily takings and keep these nice and secure. Your employees can deposit cash into the safe every so often – in the form of money bags, float purses or cash-drop boxes, for example – to ensure everything is locked away in case of emergency.

Key deposit systems

Motor vehicle theft has been on the decline for several years now thanks to significantly improvements that have been made to security systems. All the more reason to keep car keys even more secure than ever. Key deposit systems are the ideal solution for allowing keys to be returned safely and securely once your employees have gone home for the day. With our key deposit safes, car hire companies, dealerships, garages and repair shops and transportation companies can provide their customers and employees with a 24-hour return service. The deposit systems come complete with a deposit chute for dropping off the keys, allowing them to be stored securely inside until you come to take them out.

Deposit safe security levels

The testing basis for deposit systems is the EN 1143-2 standard. For this type of safe, additional requirements are in place to contend with attack scenarios including trapping, interception or fishing, which literally involves ‘fishing out’ the valuables. The ‘D’ marker in the model types for these safes stands for ‘deposit system’.

Cash-drop box or envelope?

Before investing in a drop-down safe, we recommend that you think about what type of deposits – such as cash-drop boxes, money bags, envelopes or purses – you will primarily be dealing with, as this will influence the design of the deposit opening.

Buying a drop-down safe

At HARTMANN TRESORE, you can rely on us to provide certified drop-down safes. We deliver your product either ‘free to kerbside’ via parcel service or as a special transport to the point of use if local conditions allow. We will be delighted to help you find the perfect safe to suit your needs.

Even our tried-and-tested standard models are available in a wide range of different sizes and configurations, but if you’re looking for a very specific kind of safe that meets your own, individual requirements and fits perfectly into your space, we will be delighted to design an entirely bespoke security solution just for you!

If you like, we can even come out to visit your site and/or provide you with initial sketches, drawings or 3D designs of the planned solution ahead of time to give you an impression of what it will be like. Feel free to contact us free of charge on our customer services telephone number: 0800 8737673.