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Premium security-tested designer safes

Security for 150 years. More than 200.000 customers worldwide.

The designer safes in our “Signature Safes by HARTMANN” sub-brand are entirely custom-made to suit your own individual wishes and requirements: from the paintwork and fittings right down to the last interior detail and, of course, kitted out just how you like, including special jewellery drawers and watch winders.

When it comes to the refinement of our Signature Safes, we only use the highest quality materials, such as special high-gloss paint, fine woods, premium leather, and gilded or platinum-plated fittings What does your “dream safe” look like? What features does it have? Simply get in touch with us and we can work together to develop your dream product.

Watch safes –
Individual designer safes for your watches

We will be delighted to include as many watch winders as you like in your designer safe, meaning valuable automatic timepieces can continue to remain functional even inside the safe. A watch safe makes it possible for you to store valuable pieces from your watch collection securely, whilst also being within reach at any time. Whether you ‘only’ want to store a couple of favourite pieces or have an extensive watch collection, you’re sure to find watch safes of all sizes and resistance grades at HARTMANN TRESORE.

From the safe colour and paint finish right through to the interior design and tiniest details, we can design your watch safe in line with your own, individual expectations and requirements!

When it comes to powering the watch winders, you have a choice between a high-power battery or a 220-volt power connection.

What’s more, the watch safe can also be kitted out with drawers or pullouts made entirely of products such as high-grade wood or featuring a glass front. You can even determine the organisation of the shelves yourself. Whether you’re interested in velour cladding in the same colour as the safe, or else watch cushions or ring holders for storing your extra jewellery, the choice is entirely yours!

We can even configure your watch safe to include delicate glass bottoms for displaying your watches and jewellery pieces, for example, as well as with a separate compartment or internal shelf complete with storage space for important documents and valuables.

The optional internal LED lighting showcases your collection in the perfect light!

If you would like to get in touch to design your own, individual watch safe for protecting your valuable watches and jewellery then we’d love to hear from you

Jewellery safes –
Designer and high-gloss safes for jewellery

Jewellery safes come complete with drawers and compartments that are specially designed to store valuable jewellery, including features such as padded ring holders, chain compartments or compartment dividers. When not being worn, jewellery should be not only kept be safe from unauthorised access, but also protected from interference such as dust and scratches.

A jewellery safe offers you both, combining the security of a safe with special storage features for rings, chains, bracelets and necklaces.

The interior can be designed to suit your own, specific requirements. This frequently comprises high-grade wood, often in combination with other materials, such as glass element or designer covers. What’s more, the drawers and pullouts can even be upholstered with velour or alcantara, and also come complete with optional additional features such as ring holders, chain compartments and dividers. We can even incorporate watch winders for automatic watches and LED interior lighting.

This makes jewellery safes the perfect choice not only for storing valuable trinkets securely at home, but also for use in the commercial sector within jeweller’s and other trinket shops.

Even when it comes to the external design of our jewellery safes, we always base our work on your own expectations and requirements whether you’re looking for a safe with a high-gloss finish in sleek black or bright red, or perhaps even a leather cover.

Art safes –
Absolute treasures for your home and office designed by renowned artists

Mini works of art created by internationally renowned artist Jean Tannous.

Give your home or office an elegant and personal touch without compromising on the latest security standards.

It’s also worth noting that even the interiors of these safes can be designed just the way you like. If you would like to know more about art safes, we look forward to hearing from you.

Art safe designs –
A selection of our safe designs:

Airbrushed safes –
Custom-designed by our artists

Have your safe decorated with your own personal design! Airbrushed safes reflect your own, unique tastes to lend a truly individual feel to your home. Whether you’d like a hunting motif, a sports theme or perhaps even your favourite photo on your safe, we can create airbrushed designs to suit your needs that are as individual as you are.

Our airbrush artists are experts in what they do and will create a real showstopper out of your chosen design based on your own specific instructions.

What’s more, we can even offer bespoke solutions for inside the safe with our exquisite wooden interiors.

Simply take a look through our comprehensive range of safes, filing cabinets and gun safes that are sure to live up to your expectations and requirements in terms of size and security level, and send us a picture or draft of your favourite design!

Your designer safe –
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If you have any questions about designer safes then our specialists are ready and waiting to go through whatever you need to know! Simply get in touch via telephone or email. Alternatively, you can also use our contact form to send us any questions or suggestions you may have. It goes without saying that our personal consultation service is non-binding and entirely free of charge. We’re just happy to be of service!



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