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Premium security-tested bullet-proof glass safes

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Our bullet-proof glass safes
at a glance

The certified bullet-proof glass safes are part of the HARTMANN TRESORE Exclusive Line. When it comes to showcasing your collections, weapons or other exhibits in the perfect light, our large-scale bullet-proof door panels (and side panels depending on the model) and appropriate interior lighting are just what you need.

Check out our most popular bullet-proof glass safes and bullet-proof glass display cases in this brief overview.

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The bullet-proof glass safe –
Security and aesthetics

Bullet-proof glass safes are an excellent alternative to a safe if you would like to showcase your valuable objects without compromising on security. These high-quality cabinets are available in various security levels: Security level S 2 according to EN 14450 and resistance grades N (0) and I according to EN 1143-1.

All HARTMANN TRESORE bullet-proof glass safes are available in various wood-effect or matte finishes in black or white. As for the interior lining of the safes, you can choose between four different colours. Then there are the internal facilities of the bullet-proof glass safes to consider with two options available to choose from: a glass-bottomed version or one with gun racks. If you like, you can even customise the bullet-proof glass display cases entirely to suit your own, individual needs. And if you’re looking for a corner cabinet solution, you’ll be pleased to know that you can find one in our range.



Bullet-proof glass display cases –
For the secure presentation of valuable objects

In bullet-proof glass display cases, the safe is kitted out with a glass floor and is used to showcase valuable exhibits securely not only in the private sector, but also in environments such as museums and (sales) exhibitions. The range of different designs available means the outside of the display case can be customised to suit your taste.

Our bullet-proof display cabinets are tested in line with European standards EN 1143-1 or EN 14450 depending on the model, making them just as secure as a safe.

Bullet-proof glass rifle cabinets –
For showcasing your weapons

With a bullet-proof glass rifle cabinet, hiding away your most impressive weapons or collections is a thing of the past! Your weapons can be showcased beautifully while still being secured against unauthorised access at all times.

Better still, you can even select a wood effect or colour for your gun safe or display cabinet that fits perfectly within your chosen environment!

Corpus colours –
Select the exterior of your bullet-proof glass safe

  • Sycamore effect
  • black
  • oak effect
  • white
  • cherry wood effect
  • walnut effect
  • root wood effect

Interior colours –
Select the colour for the interior of your bullet-proof glass safe

  • Beige
  • dark grey
  • green
  • red

Bullet-proof glass safes and bullet-proof glass display cases

Standard safes are practical and functional, although they are not generally considered to be aesthetically pleasing. Particularly from a security perspective, they are often found hidden away within walls or furniture. This is because their design very rarely complements the ambience of a room or the general layout of a house.

The downside of this is that your interesting objects then end up hidden away behind closed doors where no one can see them. If you are looking for a solution that not only offers secure protection against theft and fire for your valuables and documents, but also actively showcases them, bullet-proof glass safes are an attractive option.

Bullet-proof glass display cases

Display cases with security glass are not just a popular feature for private individuals, they can also be found in a wide variety of different environments:

  • Museums
  • Jewellers
  • Retail outlets – for example, for jewellery or electronics
  • For displaying valuable exhibition pieces

A bullet-proof glass display case conforms to the highest security requirements and is just as reliable as a safe with the same security level. Whatever you choose to collect behind it – from valuable coins and rare porcelain through to other attractive pieces that would be simply too interesting to hide behind closed doors – the secure glass panes in these display cases keep your belongings safe.

Gun safe with a glass door

Particularly in the case of weapon enthusiasts with collector’s items, our weapon display cabinets offer a legally secure alternative. This is because a gun safe must always comply with stringent statutory requirements and demonstrate a resistance grade of N (0) according to EN 1143-1.

Our exclusive bullet-proof glass rifle cabinets are the perfect choice not only for hunting lodges and museums, but also for the home, as they fit seamlessly into their surroundings.


A strongroom is an excellent option whenever secure storage is required for a large area or lots of objects. Retail spaces in particular can benefit from bullet-proof doors and secure rooms to prevent any burglaries after hours.

As for during the day, many small jewellers with stunning collections on offer use a security door with a bell to minimise the likelihood of burglaries and vet customers in advance by video camera, for example.

When it comes to weapon enthusiasts with extensive collections, a strongroom is an ideal alternative to a bullet-proof glass display cabinet, as this provides comprehensive security and can also be used to showcase the weapons on the wall. That said, a strongroom is still a separate room that is not typically used on a daily basis and so the weapons are essentially locked away out of sight. This is why a weapon display cabinet can be an attractive option for offices or lounges for those who would like to enjoy their collections on a day-to-day basis.