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“A premium-quality, certified safe is one of the most resilient anti-burglary and fire-protection solutions you can own when it comes to protecting your valuables and vital documentation.”

At HARTMANN TRESORE, you’ll find safes of all kinds for use in both the private and commercial sectors. In fact, we have already helped over 200,000 customers find their ideal safe or security solution. In addition to our comprehensive standard range, we also pride ourselves on our special safes for a whole host of different sectors, not to mention our bespoke custom-made products that are specially designed in close cooperation with our customers. After all, it’s like we always say: “There’s no such thing as can’t!” What’s more, we regularly have second-hand safes of various sizes and security levels in stock, although this is subject to change on a daily basis so it’s always worth giving us a call!

In addition to our safe products, we also offer our customers an in-depth safe service in the form of a comprehensive personal consultation prior to making a purchase. We can even arrange for this to take place at your site on request. It goes without saying that we will be on hand and happy to help with any legal or insurance-related questions you may have concerning your choice of safe. Why not take some time to discover more about our extensive range of safes at your leisure? If you have any specific questions relating to safes in general or your prospective purchase, our advisors would be delighted to hear from you over the phone, via email or messenger service, or – of course – in person at one of our branches!

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If you’re looking for the best possible anti-burglary and fire protection, look no further than our extensive selection of premium-quality, security-tested safes and gun safes in a variety of sizes and designs.

Check out our most popular safes in this brief overview. Alternatively, you can also use the Safe Finder further down the page to find the safe that suits you best.

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There are many reasons why private customers choose to invest in a safe. After all, you can use them to protect all of your important personal valuables against theft and other unwanted access, including jewellery, cash and watches, not to mention stamp or coin collections and essential documents. If the safe is also fireproof in addition to offering anti-burglary protection, the objects stored within it will also be kept safe from fire and extinguishing water in the event of a house fire. This is a particularly crucial factor in the case of sentimental keepsakes such as old family photos – these may not be of interest to burglars, but they could still be lost forever in the event of a fire.

If you have any legal or insurance-related questions surrounding your safe purchase, or even more general questions on which safe is right for you, our experienced advisors will be more than happy to help. We can even come out for an on-site visit if this would suit you better.

If you are still thinking about which safe is the right one to suit your needs, our trusty Safe Finder will guide you through the process step by step until you find the perfect product!

In addition to top-quality safes of all kinds, our specialisations also include security solutions for the most diverse range of sectors. The commercial sector in particular frequently has its own special insurance requirements depending on the field. In some cases, for example, it is mandatory for certain valuables or documents to be kept in a specially designed safe. This goes without saying in places such as banks, although the use of a safe is often also obligatory in other environments. And depending on the area of application, these safes also have to demonstrate a certain resistance grade.

If you have any legal or insurance-related questions surrounding your safe purchase, or even more general questions on which safe is right for you, our experienced advisors will be more than happy to help. We can even come out for an on-site visit if this would suit you better.

Discover more about our individual, commercial industry solutions and services complete with concrete examples. Here, we show you which types of safes are ideal for the various different commercial sectors and recognised by the insurance companies!

Before buying the perfect safe, our private and commercial customers generally have a long list of questions to ask us. After all, we want you to be able to go away with the ideal safe to suit your own specific needs and expectations.

Our experienced advisors will be delighted to book you in for a one-to-one consultation to establish exactly what you’re looking for – or, if you prefer, we can even come out for an on-site visit .

We have even put together a separate FAQ area that covers the most essential and most common questions when it comes to buying a safe.

With many years of experience to call upon, our safe experts have been able to create a separate summary page containing the most essential tips and tricks you need to know when buying a safe. These should help you to find the perfect safe to suit your own, individual requirements.

Alternatively, if you would prefer a personal consultation, our experienced advisors will be happy to help you and will even come out to your own site if that suits you better!

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Discover the full range of safes, gun safes and exceptional security solutions for various sectors in our main HARTMANN TRESORE catalogue or one of our special catalogues.

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Premium, security-tested, certified safe solutions
for a wide variety of applications

HARTMANN TRESORE offers tested, certified and  tamper-proof safe solutions to suit a vast range of different requirements. Our product portfolio comprises commercial and private safes in a variety of sizes, designs and security levels. What’s more, all of our safes and gun safes conform to stringent German and European safety standards. They are also tested and certified by recognised, independent testing and certification institutes – such as the VdS and the ESSA with its ECB•S ‘brand’ (European Certification Boards•Security, Fire and Life Safety) – in terms of their protection against burglary and fire, and have the inspection stickers to prove it.

Protect your most important documents and paperwork against damage caused by fire, flue gases and extinguishing water in fireproof safes. These are available in various fire safety classes. If you’re looking for twice the protection, take a look at our burglar-proof and fireproof safes, which offer reliable protection for your valuables and documents against burglary as well as fire damage.

And of course our portfolio also includes the more traditional wall safes and floor safes. Particularly in the case of new homes or renovations, a wall safe or floor safe can be discreetly integrated into the wall or floor to ensure solid anti-burglary protection. Similarly, furniture safes are yet another entirely unobtrusive option for your office or home, as they can be installed within existing cupboards or desks.

If you have large quantities of important files, paperwork and documents, these can all be safely stowed away in a filing cabinet. Better yet, our filing cabinets are also available with hanging file frames. And when it comes to protecting sensitive electronic data carriers, our range even includes fireproof data media safes in a variety of different burglar-proof security levels.

Bullet-proof glass safes complete with special bullet-proof glass are the perfect choice for collections and other exhibits that are intended to be on display without compromising on security. What’s more, these are also available in the form of bullet-proof glass rifle cabinets.

Hunters, sports marksmen, public authorities and other firearms owners can count on us for over 200 different types of gun safes, including gun safes for both long guns and handguns, ammunition cabinets, handgun locker systems, as well as armoury doors in all security levels approved by the Weapons Act. This is due to the fact that special gun safes are required by law when it comes to storing firearms. The type of gun safe and security level you need all depends on the type and quantity of weapons you would like to store. We also offer an in-vehicle gun safe for your peace of mind when transporting weapons securely. If you are looking to protect entire rooms or sections of a building, on the other hand,  strongroom doors are the ideal solution.

What’s more, we also pride ourselves on our special safes and individual, sector-specific solutions for various commercial and industrial fields. We are even happy to work together with our customers on request to develop the perfect safe solution to suit their individual requirements.

Our comprehensive range of products for the hotel and catering industries includes reliable, easy-to-use hotel safes and room safes, locker systems with flexible expansion options, back-office safes, deposit safes and key safes. And that’s not forgetting our complementary minibars complete with thermoelectric Peltier cooling systems, energy-saving technology and silent operation for the added enjoyment of your guests. 

If you’re looking for a professional solution for storing your keys, why not take a look at our key safes and key management systems? These are available in various security levels with a whole host of different equipment and configuration options that are particularly popular within the automotive sector (including car dealerships and rental companies).

Our range also includes legally compliant narcotics safes that have been tested in accordance with EN 1143-1 for use in pharmacies, hospitals, doctor’s surgeries, retirement homes, nursing homes and pharmaceuticals companies.

When it comes to the proper storage of toxic and environmentally harmful substances in accordance with EN 14470-1, clinics, laboratories and pharmacies can even rely on us for chemicals cabinets, hazmat cabinets, environmental storage cabinets, canister storage cabinets, and explosives cabinets.

If you would like to deposit your valuables (such as wallets, envelopes, float purses or safe bags) in a drawer or hatch within the safe without having to open it,  deposit safes or drop-down safes are just what you need. These types of safes are ideal for securing petty cash and floats – even during normal operating hours.

If you simply don’t have the space for a safe, strongroom doors  are the next best thing in terms of protection. These are designed to secure entire rooms or sections of a building if you need to protect very large quantities (such as documents, collections, weapons or narcotics). Our range of safes even includes standalone strongrooms  with a modular design.

Incidentally, the designer and high-gloss safes in our premium Signature Safes by HARTMANN range combine security and individuality with an elegant design. Both the interior and exterior are custom made in line with your requirements and expectations – what more could you possibly want?