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Legal requirements

Legally compliant safe use – what you need to know.

Germany has legal provisions in place for certain types of safe use, which must be observed under all circumstances. This applies in particular when it comes to storing weapons. The German Weapons Act and a number of other supplementary regulations include legal stipulations on how weapons must be stored depending on the type and quantity. There are also certain legal provisions in place regarding the storage of narcotics.

The Weapons Act
Security when storing weapons

In Germany, the act of storing weapons is governed by law. The German Weapons Act (WaffG) and the General Ordinance on the Weapons Act (AWaffV) contain the most essential provisions for firearms owners. Depending on the type and number of weapons that are to be stored, gun safes are generally required to meet a certain resistance grade. We’ve put together the most essential information you need to know for your convenience.

The German Narcotics Law
Secure narcotics storage

The storage of narcotics is also governed by law. The provisions of the German Narcotics Law (BtMG) stipulate that all those involved in handling narcotics, including pharmacies, clinics, hospitals, care facilities and practices, must secure them against unauthorised access. What this actually means in practice has been laid out by the German Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices (BfArM) in two of its guidelines.