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Safe security

Tested and certified quality for real protection.

Security is always the number-one priority when buying a safe. After all, you want it to offer reliable protection for your valuables! This is why, when you’re thinking about which is the right safe for you, you should really focus on quality rather than what it looks like or whether you’re getting a good deal. But the security level of a safe is not something you can tell from the outside: when it comes to quality, it really is what’s on the inside that counts! This includes special concrete fillings and reinforcements between the safe walls, reinforcements in the lock area and much, much more. This is where you’ll find everything you need to know about security and safes.

Security levels
and resistance grades

Safes with a proven security level or resistance grade have been certified by an independent, neutral institute, such as VdS Schadenverhütung or the ECB-S. This really is quality you can rely on! We’ve put together a clear overview of the various security levels and what they mean for your convenience.

Testing procedures for
anti-burglary protection and fire protection

Before a safe is issued with an inspection sticker, it has to pass comprehensive tests using a whole host of different tools. These tests are carried out by certification bodies in accordance with clearly defined criteria. Testing procedures are in place to assess the burglary resistance grade and fire security level of the safes.

Insurance values
for safes

This is where you will find yet another clear overview of the essential information relating to insurance protection and values for safes, in addition to further aspects that you may like to consider, such as legal requirements.

Kitting out a safe
for a burglar alarm connection

On request, we can even provide your safe complete with components for connecting it to a burglar alarm system. This added extra also has its advantages from an insurance perspective, as connecting your safe to a VdS-tested burglar alarm system allows you to increase its insurance value.

Safe anchoring –
Better safe than sorry!

A further security-related aspect involves anchoring your safe in place. After all, what good is having a tested and certified safe if burglars can just pick it up and take it away? To stop this from happening, your safe really should be professionally secured in its installation location.

ECB•S – Certified security
for safes

The “European Certification Body”, or ECB for short, is the officially recognised, neutral certification body of ESSA e. V. (the European Security Systems Association). This body certifies security products such as strongboxes, data media safes and high-security locks in line with European standards and confirms compliance with standards through the ECB•S certification mark.

The ECB works exclusively with recognised cooperation partners to carry out type tests, certifications and external quality controls, including risk management company ‘VdS Schadenverhütung’. This is because, unlike the VdS, for example, the ECB does not carry out any of its own tests.