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Our security solutions for interior designers and furnishers

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Facilities with security –
Safes for all kinds of room concepts

Integrated security

When designing a new interior, there are various aspects that need to be taken into consideration. We’re here to help you and your customers find the perfect safe for your room concept.

Modern living concepts

As we head into the future, our working and living spaces are becoming not only more modern and attractive, but also more secure. In today’s luxury property market, safes are now simply part of the furniture.

Experts in your field

From kitting out private properties to equipping practices, offices, industrial buildings and commercial properties – HARTMANN TRESORE is your partner for safes and strongboxes of all kinds.

Our solutions in action

Well-planned security
Safes for private and commercial properties of all kinds

We will also be happy to help you plan the layout of your property with your safe in mind. We offer a comprehensive range of furniture safes in various sizes, designs and security classes that can be ideally integrated within any room concept – from private homes to commercial spaces such as offices and practices.

As for commercial properties, we also offer a wide selection of premium-quality room safes. Get in touch – we’ll be delighted to put together a personalised quotation or show you what we can do when it comes to your calls for tender.

Safes for private properties

When it comes to setting up private properties with safes, we offer everything from furniture safes for private apartments and houses right through to armouries and archives for country estates. We also provide safe solutions that fit perfectly into your customers’ living concepts, which are ideal for your most discerning clientele. Our portfolio ranges from safes that can be incorporated discreetly into furniture, or else securely into the building structure in the case of wall safes and floor safes, right through to our more exclusive models, which serve as real showstoppers in any space. These include bullet-proof glass display cases for showcasing special valuables without compromising on security, as well as the luxury safes in our premium “Signature Safes by HARTMANN” brand, which are custom-made to suit customers’ individual requirements.

Safes for all sectors

At HARTMANN TRESORE, you’ll find safes for a variety of commercial environments, whether it’s a practice or law firm, a clinic with refurbished rooms, or the retail outlet of a textile company. Here you’ll find some examples of which safe types are suitable for certain sectors in order to establish security. We will, of course, be happy to provide a personalised consultation to discuss the specific requirements of your project in more detail. So just get in touch! You can reach us free of charge on telephone number 0800 8737673.

  • The requirements for office spaces couldn’t be more different from one to the next: From furniture safes to burglar-proof and fireproof safes for essential data and documents right through to bullet-proof doors providing maximum security for your rooms or sections of a building – we’re sure to have the perfect solution.
  • Hotels and guest houses like to be able to offer their guests somewhere secure to keep their valuables. This is why we offer everything from room safes and locker systems right through to burglar-proof and fireproof safes for back-office use to ensure you can always find exactly what you need.
  • Care centres and clinics need patient safes and/or locker systems to offer added security for their residents or patients. But our range doesn’t stop there: we also offer minibars for private rooms, strongboxes for back-office use, and narcotics safes to ensure narcotics are stored in a legally compliant manner.
  • For pharmacies with a relatively high volume of cash, drop-down safes are a popular solution when it comes to quickly securing daily takings – even during business hours – along with narcotics safe for the correct storage of narcotics.

Get in touch – we’ll be delighted to put together a personalised quotation or show you what we can do when it comes to your calls for tender. We look forward to hearing from you!

Personalised luxury safes –
Stylish security for discerning customers

For people who value exclusivity just as much as security, the designer, high-gloss safes in our “Signature Safes by HARTMANN” brand offer style and substance. These safes are entirely custom-made to suit your own expectations and requirements, and can even come complete with features such as watch winders or special jewellery drawers. From the finish and the fittings right down to the tiniest interior detail, these safes are made with premium quality materials to the customer’s own, specific requirements.

Strongrooms –
For when a safe isn’t quite big enough

Strongrooms or bullet-proof doors are a perfect option if you’re thinking about a large-scale solution, as you can secure entire rooms or sections of a building – no matter whether it’s an archive for the authorities, a place to store valuable exhibits in museums, or an armoury for passionate hunters. Strongrooms always require an individual configuration, so if this is what you’re interested in then get in touch! We will be happy to help you work out just what you need.



Security on principle –

Get in touch – we’ll be delighted to put together a personalised quotation for you! If you like, we can even come out to visit your site and/or provide you with initial sketches, drawings or 3D designs of the planned solution ahead of time to give you an impression of what it will be like.

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Security by tradition

A company steeped in tradition, HARTMANN TRESORE AG was founded over 150 years ago as the Hartmann forge and wheelwright’s workshop before finally specialising in safes back in 1983.