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Security in series
Safe solutions for chain outlets

Security for chain stores

Do you operate on a local, regional or national level with several branch outlets? Would you like even better protection for your takings and important documents? We offer security solutions for branch outlets in all sectors – for example, the food services industry, textile retailers, food retailers, bakery chains and drugstores.

Experts in your field

We offer sustainable security solutions for a whole host of different chains and franchise holders – from the catering industry to car dealerships and petrol stations to the retail sector. Take advantage of our experience – we’ll help you kit out your headquarters and branches with the perfect safe solutions.

Tried-and-tested solutions

Simple solutions to complex problems. From drop-down safes for individual branches to strongboxes with high resistance grades for your company headquarters: with HARTMANN TRESORE, you can rely on us to be your experienced partner for everything relating to safes, bullet-proof doors and strongrooms.

Our solutions in action

Drop-down safes for chain outlets
Secure cash management all day long

The primary concern in chain stores is securing the daily takings. The ideal solution for handling this requirement is a drop-down safe: cash and other valuables can all simply be deposited through a hatch or drawer without having to open the safe at all. The deposited valuables cannot then be retrieved until the safe is opened by an authorised person, such as the owner. This offers the additional advantage that the takings don’t have to be immediately taken to the bank at the close of business. We also offer drop-down safes for installation in delivery vehicles.

It goes without saying that we also take your individual requirements into consideration. Whether it’s drop-down boxes for a large enterprise in the food service industry, which comes complete with a window in front of the lock and a pedestal for accessibility, or safes with network-enabled locks for a European textile company that can be controlled from a single head office, “there’s no such thing as can’t”! Get in touch – we’ll be delighted to put together a personalised quotation for you! On request, we can even arrange a visit to your site for a one-to-one consultation.

Security solutions for every sector –
from branches to head offices

When it comes to security, chain stores are faced with the challenge of establishing a security chain that is as seamless as possible. Our customers are therefore increasingly looking to ensure that all of their points of contact – from the branch to the delivery vehicle right through to head office – have better and better safes at their disposal.

The branches themselves rely on a multitude of drop-down safes. As many of these combine collection of the daily takings with their branch deliveries, our range also includes models for installation within delivery vehicles. At the company headquarters, where the takings are collected and processed further, there are then a variety of drop-down safes in use in addition to burglar-proof and fireproof strongboxes with high resistance grades, which can be insured accordingly.

Drop-down safes

Depending on the sector, the volume of cash handled in branch outlets is still relatively high. These takings have to be protected not only against burglaries, but potentially also against unauthorised employee access. A drop-down safe allows you to store part of your daily takings quickly and easily over the course of the day!

All employees can deposit money bags, float purses or envelopes through the deposit slot without having to open the whole safe up. The deposited money is then safely stowed away until the safe is opened by an authorised individual, such as the owner or manager.

But these safes are not only suitable for use in the branch outlets, they’re also ideal for installation in delivery vehicles. This is an ideal solution for chain stores, as they use their own vehicles to deliver goods to their branch outlets and combine this with picking up the daily takings. Over the course of their journey, the vehicles naturally start to build up larger and larger sums of money that have to be secured accordingly.

Safes for every application

Depending on the sector, there are, of course, other types of safes that are a logical choice in addition to drop-down safes. These include:

  • Strongboxes in the event that important documents also have to be stored somewhere other than the head office
  • Key safes, which are ideal for branch outlets in which many keys have to be managed, such as in car dealerships
  • Drop-off and pick-up safes for dropping off and, if necessary, picking up keys and valuables outside normal business hours, for example at car dealerships and hire companies
  • Narcotics safes for the legally compliant storage of narcotics in pharmacy branches
  • Bespoke solutions, which are custom-designed and made to suit the requirements of your company. So get in touch! We’d be delighted to help you find the perfect solution for your security requirements.

Strongboxes –
Security for cash and documents

The headquarters are typically home to all essential business documents such as contracts, personnel files and other paperwork. In many cases, they are also where the daily takings from the individual branches are processed and recorded before being picked up by cash-in-transit companies. This is why a company’s headquarters should be kitted out with tested and certified burglar-proof and fireproof strongboxes with high resistance grades, as these offer the advantage of being eligible for high levels of insurance. After all, insurance companies only recognise certified safes!

When it comes to heat-sensitive electronic data carriers, however, the protection of a “normal” safe just isn’t enough: CD-ROMs, DVDs, hard drives and other storage media have to be stored in special data media safes to avoid losing the data.

Security on principle –

What type of chain store are you running? What is your security concept? What are your specific requirements?

Even our tried-and-tested standard models are available in a wide range of different sizes and configurations, not to mention a whole host of locking systems. And if you have any special requirements, then we will also be happy to come up with an entirely bespoke security solution especially for you! If you like, we can even come out to visit your site and/or provide you with initial sketches, drawings or 3D designs of the planned solution ahead of time to give you an impression of what it will be like.

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Security by tradition

A company steeped in tradition, HARTMANN TRESORE AG was founded over 150 years ago as the Hartmann forge and wheelwright’s workshop before finally specialising in safes back in 1983.