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Our security solutions for the automotive sector

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Companies within the automotive sector have very particular security requirements.

By working in partnership with our customers and maintaining contact with insurance companies, we have been able to develop solutions for a variety of risk areas over the years.

Ideal key management

When it comes to handling car keys and keeping them safe, car dealerships and hire companies are always on the lookout for comprehensive solutions. This involves not only key management within the company, but also night drop-offs/returns of car keys outside of business hours.

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Our solutions in action

The HTSK key combination safe
Security for keys, diagnostic devices and more

The key combination safes in the HTSK series have been specially designed to meet the demanding requirements of car dealerships. In addition to key boards, they also offer plenty of space for other essential items and documents, which can be stored in a convenient and secure location, right where they’re needed:

This includes vehicle diagnostic equipment and special tools in garages, cash and vehicle paperwork for vehicle drop-offs, and business documents for the back office.

Available in three resistance grades with four sizes of each, the HTSK key combination safes are real all-rounders.

Our solutions in action

The ‘petrol station safe’
Secure cash management around the clock

The HTDP J1 drop-down safe is the ideal solution for securing larger amounts of cash in petrol stations and other companies accumulating high volumes of cash, such as car washes and dealerships.

Money bags, envelopes and safe bags alike can all simply be deposited through a drawer without having to open the safe at all. 

This allows some of the daily takings to be stowed away securely and easily. At the same time, the HTDP J1 also offers excellent protection against potential robberies. This model comes complete with components for connecting it to a burglar alarm system and offers a high level of security with resistance grade I according to EN 1143-2.

24-hour service –
With drop-off and drop-off/pick-up systems

Generally speaking, car hire companies and transportation companies would like the option to allow their customers and drivers to return car keys even outside business hours. With this in mind, special drop-off systems offer the perfect solution. Car keys can be dropped into the safe through a special deposit chute and cannot be retrieved until the safe is opened.

Drop-off and pick-up systems offer an exchange service between companies and their customers for items such as car keys, vehicle documentation, and business folders. Thanks to these special safes, car dealerships and garages in particular can offer their customers a truly 24-hour service!

Filing cabinets and safes for business folders –
Secure storage as part of the service

Car keys, orders, files… The reception and service areas at car dealerships are full of different documents that have to be stored clearly and accessibly without compromising on security. To this end, we offer filing cabinets in a range of different sizes  – including practical drawer safes with suspension filing systems, which make it possible to store business folders, vehicle paperwork, cheque books, car keys and invoices in a clear and accessible unit.

And when it comes to the secure storage of business folders at the service desk or in the workshop area for car dealerships and garages, we also offer safes with a special interior configuration just for business folders.

Key combination safes –
keys and tools in the right place

Our key combination safes provide car dealerships and garages with the option to store not only keys, but also all other essential commercial items, such as valuable diagnostic tools, special tools and important company documentation in a convenient, burglar-proof location, right where they’re needed. To ensure we can always offer products that meet your requirements, our key combination safes are available with a whole host of variable configurations and equipment options, not to mention countless resistance grades.

HARTMANN key safes –
Gone are the days of searching for keys!

In all areas of the automotive sector, handling vehicle keys and storing them securely both during and outside business hours is a primary concern. On the one hand, you want the keys to be within easy reach; on the other, however, you want to make sure they are stored safely away outside business hours to protect your vehicles and valuables from thieves. So to ensure ideal, secure key management in car dealerships, garages, hire companies and transportation companies, we offer key safes in all sizes and security levels.

To ensure your keys can be managed right where they’re needed, whether that’s in an exhibition hall or out in the open, our range also includes solutions for indoor and outdoor use. When it comes to setting up safes for outdoor use, they come complete with a special concrete casing and can even be anchored to the floor if necessary.

Key management systems
for professional key organisation

A professional key management system means you’ll never again have to waste time looking for keys or asking around your colleagues! As a result, fewer keys will be lost or else fall into the wrong hangs. In a matter of seconds, you’ll have the key you need to hand, or at least know who has it! Our range of products includes

  • Electronic key management systems
    These ensure comprehensive control of all key movements, and various different permissions can be set up for users or certain groups, such as employees within a particular division.
  • Mechanical key management systems
    Mechanical key management systems are straightforward to operate and can be used in a whole host of applications as they do not rely on electronics.

Both systems have a modular structure, meaning they can be expanded if needed at any time. What’s more, they can even be integrated into a safe or strongbox to fulfil even higher security requirements. This feature provides added security for your keys if they need to be left overnight, for example.

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Key rooms –
a solution for large companies

Key rooms with strongbox doors offer the ideal protection for entire rooms or sections of a building if conventional safes don’t offer enough space. These can be set up in any size in new builds or as part of a renovation project. What’s more, the walls can even be fitted with various key boards or key management systems. Other important objects, such as valuable diagnostic tools or special tools can also be stored securely in the room. What’s more, by fitting the strongroom door with an electronic locking system, access to the key room can be efficiently controlled and monitored via an audit function.

Deposit safes and drop-down safes
for secure cash management

Robbery protection and cash management are issues that affect car dealerships, petrol stations and car washes in particular due to them handling relatively high volumes of cash. Specially developed deposit safes offer the possibility to keep at least some of the daily takings secure over the course of the day. The employees can deposit cash or other valuables in the safe through drawers or deposit slots without having to open the whole safe up.

for all essential documents

From accounting paperwork and employee data to contracts and invoices: all companies within the automotive sector are required to handle important documents that have to be stored securely. Fortunately, our burglar-proof and fireproof safes offer protection not only against theft, but also against fire. What’s more, these duplex cabinets are available in various levels of anti-burglary and fire protection classes, meaning your paperwork, customer data and valuables can enjoy the best possible protection!

Bespoke security solutions –
We offer more than the standard

What are your specific requirements for your safe? What are the structural conditions like? What insurer specifications have to be taken into consideration? We don’t even start thinking about which safe you might choose until we’ve ticked all of these boxes – after all, we want to make sure it meets all of your company’s security requirements perfectly!

Even our tried-and-tested standard models are available in a wide range of different sizes and configurations, not to mention a whole host of locking systems. Many of our security solutions can also be configured to suit your company’s specific requirements – whether you’re looking for a particular interior configuration for your key combination safe or a wall bridge for your deposit system.

If you have any special requirements, then we will also be happy to come up with an entirely bespoke security solution at a competitive price just for you! If you like, we can even come out to visit your site and/or provide you with initial sketches, drawings or 3D designs of the planned solution ahead of time to give you an impression of what it will be like.

If you would like to get in touch for a non-binding quote, simply give us a call free of charge from anywhere in Germany on our customer services telephone number:

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security solutions for the automotive sector

Our full range of safes for car dealerships, hire companies, petrol stations, retailers, and shipping companies can be found in our current catalogue “Security solutions for the automotive sector”!

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