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    HTI 115-22 Wertschutzschrank
    HTI 115-22 Wertschutzschrank

    HTI 115-22 Wertschutzschrank

    Burglar-proof safe

    Overall dimensions: 410 × 535 × 470 mm
    Folder: 5
    Security level classification: Resistance grade I
    acc. to EN 1143-1
    Insurance cover (private use): €65,000.00
    Insurance cover (commercial use): €20,000.00

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    Product details HTI 115-22
    Overall dimensions 410 × 535 × 470 mm
    Internal dimensions 334 × 475 × 350 mm
    Weight 97 kg
    Volume 56 l
    Shelves 1
    Folder 5
    Door hinge DIN right
    Door thickness 85 mm
    Door opening angle 205 °
    Door clearance dimensions (HxW) 322 × 445 mm
    Protruding hinges/door fittings 45 mm
    Anti-burglary protection standard EN 1143-1
    Security level classification Resistance grade I
    acc. to EN 1143-1
    Certification body VdS
    Insurance cover (private use) €65,000.00
    Insurance cover (commercial use) €20,000.00
    Fire protection standard keine
    Lock Hochsicherheits-Doppelbartschloss (inkl. 2 Schlüssel)
    Lacquering/Colour RAL 7035 Lichtgrau
    Pre-drilled floor anchors Yes
    Pre-drilled wall anchors Yes
    Including anchoring material Yes
    Details on the corpus 3-seitige Verriegelung mit Flachbolzen 40x10 mm
    Lock features 3-seitige Verriegelung