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Hartmann Exclusive Model 104-02/A
Please note: As a new purchase, this model is no longer approved in Germany for storing weapons.The Weapons Act of 06/07/2017 stipulates that newly purchased gun safes must have a minimum resistance grade of 0 according to EN 1143-1. View legally compliant gun safes here

Hartmann Exclusive Model 104-02/A

Bullet-proof glass safe

Overall dimensions: 1700 × 674 × 413 mm
Security level classification: Security level S2
acc. to EN 14450
Insurance cover (private use): €30,000.00
Insurance cover (commercial use): €2,500.00
Glass shelves: 4

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Product details HTE 104-02/A
Overall dimensions 1700 × 674 × 413 mm
Internal dimensions 1660 × 590 × 322 mm
Weight 181 kg
Volume 315 l
Door hinge DIN right
Anti-burglary protection standard EN 14450
Security level classification Security level S2
acc. to EN 14450
Certification body ECB-S
Insurance cover (private use) €30,000.00
Insurance cover (commercial use) €2,500.00
Lock Double-bit lock
Type of lock Double bit
Lacquering/Colour Wood effect
Pre-drilled wall anchors Yes
Glass shelves 4
HTE 104-A – series
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Item no Internal dimensions Weight
  HTE 104-02/A 1660 × 590 × 322 mm 181 kg