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Here’s how your safe gets to you.

So kommt Ihr Tresor zu Ihnen.

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In the case of safes weighing several hundred kilograms, the delivery and – more specifically – the safe transport and setup at your home or place of work are of the utmost importance.

On this page, we have put together a list of the fundamental options that are available to you when it comes to transporting your safe. But if you’d prefer a more personal touch, then we will of course be delighted to schedule a consultation with you to discuss the transport of your safe.

Our delivery team is renowned for its years of experience and discretion in any scenario. Of course, it goes without saying that our safes are delivered using neutral, non-branded vehicles.

We offer two different types of transport for your convenience: Either as “free kerbside delivery” via parcel service or else directly to the point at which your safe is to be installed.

Delivery via parcel service

In the case of “free kerbside delivery” via parcel service, the safe is delivered by the transportation company and left at ground level in front of the building. It is then your responsibility to organise transporting it into the building as far as the installation site.

Before opting for this delivery method, you should be certain that you are actually able to transport the safe to its final location yourself. This requires you to consider the size and weight of the safe as well as the structural conditions of your home or office. If you are in any doubt, we recommend choosing phase transport directly to the installation location.

Phase transportation to the installation site

In the case of special transportation to the place of use, known as “phase transportation”, we deliver your safe directly to where it is being installed at your site, local conditions permitting.

With this option, the safe is delivered by appointment by special transporters and taken directly to its installation site by at least two specialists. To ensure the transport runs as smoothly as possible, it is helpful if you can provide us with as much information as possible about the site – including the number of storeys and staircases – by completing a transport questionnaire and potentially also a staircase overview. We can then use this information to calculate the cost of the transport.

Tricky safe transportation?
“There’s no such thing as can’t!”

Even if you’ve ordered one of our heaviest models, we’ll always know exactly how to help! In addition to our special tools and technical equipment, we also have many years of experience in this field, which is just as important – if not more. Our teams are specially trained and still to this day use the “good old” setting technique wherever space is at a premium. This is exactly how safes used to be transported over a century ago when today’s cutting-edge technical equipment was barely even thought of. What’s more, our vehicles also come complete with special transportation aids featuring state-of-the-art technology such as electronic stair robots or step lifters. If transportation is likely to be particularly complex, then we’ll be more than happy to arrange a site visit beforehand. This is ideal for ensuring no nasty surprises crop up on delivery day.

Transport questionnaire
Good preparation means straightforward delivery

To ensure we can prepare for the delivery of your safe in the best possible way, we have put together a questionnaire so that you can explain everything we need to know when it comes to delivery day. You can simply complete the questionnaire directly in Acrobat Reader, save it, and send it to us by email or fax. If you have a particularly large number of stairs (or lots of different types of staircases) at your site, then you can also complete the staircase overview to let us know.

Safe relocation
Relocation service for your safe

So you’re moving property but neither you nor your removals company are capable of handing your safe? We offer a professional safe relocation service not only throughout Germany, but also across 8 other European countries at competitive rates. If the transport can be carried out as part of our scheduled service, which involves you giving us one to two weeks, then our safe relocation service is an extremely attractive option.

Even if you’ve ordered one of our heaviest models, we’ll always know exactly how to help! In addition to our specialist tools and state-of-the-art technical equipment, it goes without saying that we also have the professional expertise to go with it. So get in touch – we’ll be delighted to put together a personalised quotation for you!