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Second-hand gun safes

What to bear in mind when purchasing a second-hand gun safe.

Second-hand gun safes are extremely popular among many firearms owners who would like to save money when investing in a safe. Nevertheless, it is important to bear certain aspects in mind when buying a second-hand safe to ensure that the initial excitement of a low-price gun safe does not turn into a nasty surprise down the line. We’ve put together a few tips below for you to consider if you’re thinking of buying a used gun safe.

Second-hand gun safes –
A saving or a risk?

Generally speaking, when you’re buying a second-hand safe, you want to know what condition it’s in. To avoid any nasty surprises, those who are interested in second-hand gun safes should take the opportunity to look these over in advance and request written confirmation from the previous owner regarding the security level of the gun safe.

Even then, however, anyone buying a second-hand gun safe does run a certain risk. You need to be aware that second-hand gun safes may generally be cheaper, although they are also more susceptible to issues due to potential wear and tear. Similarly, the previous owner may have made some structural modifications to the safe that may not be apparent at first sight. In the worst-case scenario, this may mean that the actual security level actually no longer corresponds to the originally intended security level in practice.

This can prove particularly disastrous in the case of gun safes, as it is essential to remember that there are certain statutory standards that must be observed regarding the storage of weapons! In this regard, the owner of the weapons bears sole responsibility. For this reason, anyone purchasing a second-hand gun safe must decide for themselves whether they are actually capable of demonstrating that the weapons are stored securely when prompted by the authorities. Whether it’s brand new or second-hand, a gun safe must always comply with the required standards.

The fundamental prerequisite behind all measures, which must be respected in the case of both new and second-hand gun safes, is to ensure that the necessary level of security is provided. This is the main objective that the authorities are seeking to achieve with the Weapons Act, although preventing unauthorised access to weapons is another key concern.

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