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Second-hand safes

Safety first! What to bear in mind with second-hand safes.

At HARTMANN TRESORE, you’ll find we always stock a range of second-hand safes in various sizes and security levels, which we have security tested ourselves. The items we have in stock varies on a daily basis, so it’s always worth giving us a call! Generally speaking, however, you should take great care when purchasing a second-hand safe, whether that’s via an auction house, from a private seller, or any kind of online sales platform. When buying second-hand, you should really think carefully about whether the cheaper price actually outweighs the disadvantages of purchasing a used product. After all, it’s your security at stake!

Buying a second-hand safe:
What to bear in mind

Welding seams, components and materials all wear out over time. Generally speaking, all technical devices – depending on how often they are used – experience wear at an entirely normal rate. This is an important fact to consider when buying second-hand, as older safes may no longer be as secure as they should be! Then there’s also the fact that modern safes include electronics on top of their mechanical components, and these too can become less reliable over time – even if it’s just a case of the battery running down. Whether it’s the handle, bolt mechanism or combination lock: all moving and electronic components of the safe must work together seamlessly to ensure effective protection, a large degree of reliability and user-friendly operation. This is something that suppliers can guarantee in the case of brand new safes, but the same can’t be said of their second-hand counterparts.

Buying a second-hand safe
or proven security

If you’re thinking about buying a second-hand safe, you might well find one at a decent price, but you will lose out on the pre-purchase consultations and technical aftercare. And if you have any questions or issues, you’re essentially on your own. This is different to buying a new safe from a specialist dealer, as you can always rely on comprehensive, personal advice from them before making your purchase, not to mention reliable aftercare and support if you have any questions or issues down the line. What’s more, you can always be sure that a new safe is compliant with the latest European security standards. Material quality, anti-burglar protection or fire protection: a new product is sure to offer tried-and-tested quality in these regards! As an alternative to a brand-new purchase, you might also want to consider hiring a safe for short-term protection of cash and other valuables. Ultimately, only you can determine between a second-hand or new safe, the level of security you would like, and the scope of services you need.

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We’re sure that we have the perfect safe for you that offers not only excellent value for money, but also genuine security. Just take a look in our latest general safes catalogue. Get in touch – we’ll be delighted to put together a personalised quotation for you!

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