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FinKey: the biometric fingerprint locking system

Security at your fingertips.

HARTMANN TRESORE AG offers safes and gun safes with Europe’s first independent biometric locking systemwhich has been tested and certified by VdS Schadenverhütung GmbH. The certification of the FinKey lock meant that safes and gun safes can now be equipped with a biometric locking system, as only certified locks can be installed in higher-quality safes that have also been certified according to European standards. The fingerprint locking system comprises a high-security lock and a finger scanner that is operated with a single finger. This means the system offers maximum convenience and ease of use without compromising on exceptional security standards!

As a premium partner to the well-known German lock manufacturer Carl Wittkopp, HARTMANN TRESORE uses a number of locks supplied by Wittkopp, including the FinKey fingerprint locking system, which offers exclusive features that we can pass on to our customers. Of the FinKey locks with read capabilities, the “FinKey HTpro”, for example, is capable of storing 500 events rather than the standard 100, making it a particularly attractive option for companies or institutions in which many employees require access to the safe or gun safe. What’s more, it also comes complete with an emergency power supply. Further features of the FinKey HTpro version are currently in the process of being certified by VdS Schadenverhütung.

The technology:
Secure, quick and reliable



The finger scanner on the FinKey locking system incorporates thermal reading technology and a line sensor. Rather than simply placing your finger on the scanner, you swipe it across to ensure no copyable fingerprints are left behind. What’s more, rather than storing fingerprints as a whole, only the minutiae – or characteristic and unchanging points on the ridges in the skin that are unique to every person and finger – are kept. This data is processed and stored under encryption using a special algorithm. Manipulation security and data protection are, of course, paramount to this process.

Using the system is easy and involves three “master fingers” that are defined during the commissioning process. Only these “masters” can then assign, block or delete permissions for other fingers. A total of 100 fingers – the three “master fingers” plus an additional 97 users – can be authorised, making the biometric locking system ideal for both commercial and private use.

The main advantages of the biometric locking system are that you don’t have to worry about keeping keys safe or giving out codes that could be forgotten, spied on or passed on. This means you end up with a system that really does ensure only authorised people can open the safe or gun safe.

FinKey at a glance

  • Simple, convenient and reliable operation The touch of a finger is all it takes to open the electronic lock Twice the protection thanks to two security components: Fingerprint scanner and high-security electronic lock (available with and without an emergency key) Capable of storing 3 “master fingers” (for programming) and up to 97 “user fingers” (for opening) “User fingers” can only be authorised by “master fingers Thermal, tamper-proof line sensor prevents residual imprints that can be copied No possibility to misuse the data as only individual finger features or minutiae are recorded and stored under encryption Powerful processor to ensure fast data processing even in the event of a power failure Fingerprint recognition possible in spite of minor injuries Self-learning detection software Stored data is even backed up in the event of a power failure