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Securing and anchoring your safe

Added security for your safe.

The subject of anchoring is a crucial consideration when buying a safe. This involves anchoring the safe securely into a designated wall or section of floor to ensure burglars cannot simply take it away and open it in peace somewhere else. According to insurance companies and the police, this is actually something that takes place more often than you would think!

Anchoring for safes under 1000 kg

VdS Schadenverhütung recommends anchoring all safes under 1000 kg in place and also specifies how this should look: The tear-away weight, as it’s known, is the weight required to tear the safe either out of the wall or out of the floor, which must be at least 1000 kilograms. For this reason, the lower the dead weight of the safe, the more essential it is to ensure it is professionally anchored in place. Safes below 1000 kg that are tested by the VdS (and ECB-S) therefore come complete with anchoring accessories as standard.

Insurance protection only when correctly anchored in place

This anchoring is also a key factor when it comes to the subject of insurance. Many property insurers only offer full insurance coverage when the safe has been professionally installed and anchored in place. For this reason, you really should speak to your own insurance company before purchasing a safe or gun safe. Some sectors even have specific requirements of their own that you may also want to check.

We will be only too happy to take care of the delivery, professional installation and anchoring of your safe on request!