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Security afforded by neutral certification.

The ECB (European Certification Body) is the certification body of the European Security Systems Association e. V. (ESSA). As an accredited, neutral certification body according to ISO/IEC 17065, it certifies security products such as safes, data media safes, high-security locks, strongboxes and strongrooms in terms of their anti-burglary and fire protection. With more than 1000 certificates issued worldwide, the ECB is one of the leading certification service providers in Europe, with ECB•S certificates enjoying international renown.

ECB•S-certified safes and locking systems comply with the European standards EN 1143-1 (strongboxes), EN 1047-1 (data media safes) and EN 1300 (high-security locks). The tested safes receive a blue ECB•S certification mark, which is attached to the inside of the secure storage unit.

ECB•S-certified safes –
guaranteed quality and security

ECB•S-certified safes provide customers with a guarantee of consistently high quality and demonstrable security. This is down to the fact that the ECB•S certificate provides information about the security aspects that have been tested, such as:

  • The resistance grade (0 to XIII) of the safe and the security level (S1, S2) in the event of anti-burglary protection
  • The fire quality class of the safes with regard to fire protection (such as S 60 P, S 120 Dis)
  • The lock class (A–D) in the case of high-security locks.

Another advantage is that insurance companies recognise ECB•S-certified safes with guaranteed insurance amounts and/or favourable insurance premiums.

Years of experience

The ECB dates back to what was once known as the FuP (or ‘Forschungs- und Prüfgemeinschaft Geldschränke und Tresoranlagen e. V.’), which was founded in 1967. This gives it over 40 years of experience when it comes to providing security classifications for safes and secure storage units. As a neutral certification body, the ECB’s certification board is made up of equal numbers of people representing users, the insurance industry and the manufacturer.

An internationally recognised partner

The cooperation partners of the ECB include VdS Schadenverhütung GmbH, which tests the safes in terms of their anti-burglary protection, and Braunschweig University of Technology’s material testing institute, which carries out the most rigorous fire testing procedures on safes.

As a member of the ESSA, HARTMANN TRESORE offers safes that have undergone the appropriate testing and certification processes.