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Jewellery and watches in the safe

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As the saying goes, it’s opportunity that makes a thief, and the police and criminal investigators know this as well as the number of injured victims of burglaries. After all, the number-one cause of a large number of burglary attempts is actually negligence rather than organised crime. All it takes is “popping out” to visit a neighbour or go to the shops, or else leaving the door ajar or window open when you go out to work, so these are all things to avoid. Then, of course, you should always be sure to implement all possible security measures to ensure that thieves stand no chance of making a quick buck – even if they were able to gain entry to your home while you were out. Keeping your watches and jewellery in a safe is an ideal deterrent against opportunistic thieves and professionals. What’s more, you will also be complying with the stipulations of insurance companies, which look favourably on this type of “risk-conscious behaviour” on the part of its consumers.

Suitable safe types
for storing jewellery

If you are looking to store jewellery in a private safe or else use it as a secure storage facility for your watches, then there are a number of suitable safe types to choose from. These include furniture safes, which are designed to be integrated into your existing items of furniture. Your living situation also has a key role to play when it comes to making your selection: if you’re renting then you’re most likely better off with a furniture safe, as these are available in various sizes, designs and security classes, which you can choose from depending on the value of your jewellery or watches.

Then there are also wall safes and floor safes, which are extremely discreet. That said, these have to be securely installed within the wall or floor. This makes them more suitable for home owners who are in a position to incorporate this type of safe either as part of a new build or the next time a large-scale renovation is underway. Of course, you can also choose a perfectly standard strongbox for your jewellery and watches. This is a particularly strong solution if you would like to store other items in the safe, such as important paperwork and documents.

We would, however, recommend steering clear of “mobile” safes, which can be taken away on holiday or business trips, as these are nowhere near as secure as their fixed, static counterparts.

If you would like to keep watches and jewellery in your safe, then be sure to check both the size of the safe and the presence of a test seal when making your purchase. In terms of the size, we recommend that you select a size that offers adequate space for you to add more items in the future.

At HARTMANN TRESORE, our safes for jewellery and watches can even be individually designed with a variety of different extras, such as watch winders, velveteen-lined drawers and jewellery compartments.

In Germany, the test seals for safes are issued by VdS Schadenverhütung and the ECB-S. Your safe offers protection against burglary and/or fire depending on its security level. The type of test seal also determines the maximum insurance amount that you can obtain for the items of jewellery and watches kept in the safe in the event of damage.

Our latest
general safes catalogue 2017

Our catalogue features an extensive range of safes that are ideal for storing watches and jewellery. Simply place your order to receive a hard copy in the post or else download it. We will of course be delighted to offer you any advice you need!

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