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    ZN-Box-1 Multi-Box
    ZN-Box-1 Multi-Box
    ZN-Box-1 Multi-Box

    ZN-Box-1 Multi-Box


    Overall dimensions: 330 × 370 × 300 mm
    Corpus thickness: 16 mm
    Drawers on telescopic rails: 2
    Height of deposit drawers: 90

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    Product details ZN-Box-1
    Overall dimensions 330 × 370 × 300 mm
    Weight 15 kg
    Door thickness 16 mm
    Interior fittings Gepolsterte Fachböden, Zwei Auszüge mit Soft-Close-Funktion
    Corpus thickness 16 mm
    Lacquering/Colour Nussbaum Optik
    Drawers on telescopic rails 2
    Height of deposit drawers 90
    ZN-Box – series
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    Item no Overall dimensions corpus thickness Drawers on telescopic rails
      ZN-Box-1 330 × 370 × 300 mm