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Key hooks
HTS 221-01 Key safe

HTS 221-01 Key safe

Schlüsseltresor mit hoher Einbruchsicherheitsklasse, dadurch hoch zu versichern!

Overall dimensions: 1006 × 836 × 700 mm
Key hooks: 1200
Security level classification: Resistance grade II
acc. to EN 1143-1
Insurance cover (private use): €100,000.00
Insurance cover (commercial use): €50,000.00

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Product details HTS 221-01
Overall dimensions 1006 × 836 × 700 mm
Internal dimensions 887 × 732 × 532 mm
Weight 770 kg
Volume 345 l
Interior fittings 5 pull-out panels with 16 hook rails on each (15 hooks per rail), total number of hooks: 1680, fully removable partitions on precision telescopic pullouts, infinitely adjustable hook rails, coloured, not numbered
Key hooks 1200
Adjustable hook rails Ja
Door hinge DIN right
Door thickness 109 mm
Door opening angle 180 °
Protruding hinges/door fittings 60 mm
Anti-burglary protection standard EN 1143-1
Security level classification Resistance grade II
acc. to EN 1143-1
Certification body VdS
Insurance cover (private use) €100,000.00
Insurance cover (commercial use) €50,000.00
Lacquering/Colour RAL 7035 Light grey
Pre-drilled floor anchors Yes
Details on the corpus Multi-walled corpus and door with high-strength special concrete filling
Lock features locking mechanism on three sides. Additional security on the hinge side in the form of a rear grip profile
Lock Double-bit security lock with 2 keys
Type of lock Double bit