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Fire protection
HTFA 080-01 Data media safe

HTFA 080-01 Data media safe

Data safe

Overall dimensions: 635 × 540 × 630 mm
Security level classification: Security level A and S2
acc. to EN 14450
Insurance cover (private use): €30,000.00
Insurance cover (commercial use): €2,500.00
Fire protection: 60 Min.

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Product details HTFA 080-01
Overall dimensions 635 × 540 × 630 mm
Internal dimensions 400 × 380 × 397 mm
Weight 200 kg
Volume 60 l
Door thickness 151 mm
Protruding hinges/door fittings 60 mm
Door hinge vertically or DIN right
Anti-burglary protection standard EN 14450 und VDMA 24992 (05/95)
Security level classification Security level A and S2
acc. to EN 14450
Certification body others
Insurance cover (private use) €30,000.00
Insurance cover (commercial use) €2,500.00
Lock Double-bit high-security lock (2 keys)
Type of lock Double bit
Lacquering/Colour RAL 7035 Light grey structure
Pre-drilled floor anchors Yes
Drawers on telescopic rails 3
Height of deposit drawers 75
Base height 85 mm
Vertical (door) pullout Yes
Fire protection 60 Min.
Fire safety class S 60 DIS
Fire protection standard EN 1047-1
Interior fittings 3 drawers measuring 75 mm high for data carriers
Details on the corpus Door and corpus filled with high-quality insulation to protect against fire; multi-walled corpus and door
Lock features Locking bolts on all sides
HTFA 080 – series
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Item no Overall dimensions Weight
  HTFA 080-01 635 × 540 × 630 mm 200 kg