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Selected testimonials

from various sectors

Our customers include private buyers who would like to incorporate a safe into their house or apartment, small and medium-sized companies, household-name companies from various industries, and authorities and institutions. No matter how big or small, they all know they can count on the quality and service of HARTMANN TRESORE. Just take a look at our testimonials!

All industries

Testimonials from various industries, including trade, services, media companies, associations and communities.

Hotel industry – national and international

Selected testimonials from the hotel industry in Germany, Europe and the Middle East – from small guest houses to international hotel chains.

Clinics / Care homes / Retirement homes / Assisted living

This is where you’ll find various testimonials provided by clinics, hospitals, care homes and retirement homes.

Automotive sector

Testimonials from car dealerships, garages and repair shops, car hire companies, transportation companies and petrol stations.

Authorities / Public institutions

Various testimonials from communities, authorities, public institutions of various kinds – including adult education centres and health insurance schemes – as well as institutions.


Testimonials from chains in various sectors – from the food service industry and fashion houses right through to chemists and bakery chains.