You’ll find safes for a multiple of purposes here, both for private and commercial use. More than 100.000 customers have opted for the HARTMANN TRESORE safes and security solutions. Should you not find what you are looking for, or simply have a question about one of our safes then we kindly ask you to contact us.

More than 150 years ago this company began as a blacksmiths and cartwright company. After specialising in safes, 1983 was the year that saw the company become HARTMANN TRESORE, with its subsidiaries both in Germany and in other European countries.

We not only offer our customers safes, but what is more the comprehensive service to go with all the safes – regardless of whether we are talking about wall safes, or furniture or hotel safes. This service includes either a detailed telephone consultation, a meeting in one of our subsidiaries or an individual appointment on site prior to purchasing your safe, and what’s more our technicians are there for you post-purchase.


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HARTMANN TRESORE offers a suitable safe solution for the most different of requirements. Our product range includes commercial and private safes in all sizes and security grades. You might be looking for a burglar-proof safe, a key cabinet or filing cabinets for your most important paperwork – look no further, you’ll find what you are looking for right here!

Besides safes, our range also offers wall safes and floor safes. A wall safe can be discretely integrated into a wall of a new or renovated house, or as the case may be a floor safe into the floor of a house. Something that is bound not to attract any attention are the furniture safes that can be built into existing cabinets and desks.

Hunters, competitive marksmen or gun owners will find more than 200 different gun safes here. Special gun safes are mandatory for the safekeeping of guns are law-abiding. The type of gun and the number of guns that require safekeeping determine the type of gun cabinet and what security grade it should have. A car gun safe is available for the secure transportation of guns. Should entire rooms or sections of buildings need to be protected then the strongroom doors are the ideal solution.

Beyond this we also offer special safes and individual branch-specific solutions for a multitude of commercial and industrial uses, for example hotel safes, minibars, and backoffice safes for hotels and the catering industry. Key cabinets and transfer systems for the automotive industry, or narcotic safes and dangerous substances cabinets for clinics, laboratories and pharmacies also enhance our range. If you require an individual safe solution then we develop it with you and according to your individual requirements.

Our safes and rifle cabinets correspond to the highest German security standards and European standards. They are certified by independent testing and certification institutes for their ability to be burglar-proof and fireproof, these are for example institutes such as the VdS and the ESSA with their ECB•S (European Certification Boards•Security, Fire and Life Safety) „brand“. All our safes bear the respective inspection plates.

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