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Our hotel safes
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Offer your guests added security and convenience in the form of hotel safes, room safes and locker systems from HARTMANN TRESORE. As a specialist in the field, we have kitted out some of the world’s top hotel chains with over 500,000 hotel safes and security solutions, including Arabella Sheraton, Hilton, Marriott, Radisson SAS, InterContinental, Novotel, Dorint, Holiday Inn and Swissôtel.

Check out our most popular hotel safes in this brief overview.

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Room safes –
Convenience and security for your hotel room

Our range of easy-to-use room safes offers a variety of different sizes and configurations. What’s more, these room safes are also available with various locking systems for installation in a cupboard or drawer.


Provide added comfort for your guests! Our energy-saving minibars are 100% silent and vibration-free! HARTMANN designer minibars with Peltier technology operate in line with energy-efficiency class A and are amongst the most economical minibars on the market.

The minibar range is aimed exclusively at our commercial customers.

Key dispenser systems
for late arrivals

With a key dispenser system, hotels and guest houses of all sizes can offer their guests a truly 24-hour service without having to staff the reception desk around the clock!

Back-office safes

When it comes to protecting important documents and paperwork in the administration and back-office area, we offer burglar-proof and fireproof safes in a range of sizes and security levels. And if you’re interested in a secure solution for storing electronic data carriers, our range also includes specially designed data media safes.

Deposit and drop-down safes

If you’re looking for a quick and easy option for protecting your cash during restaurant service, at the bar or at reception, deposit safes and drop-down safes are just what you need!

Key safes

Key safes and key management systems make it possible to convey a professional image when it comes to key administration in hotels of all sizes and types. HARTMANN TRESORE offers key safes in a whole host of sizes, designs and security levels.

Your hotel safe –
We’re happy to help

If you have any questions about hotel safes then our specialists are ready and waiting to go through whatever you need to know! Simply get in touch via telephone or email. Alternatively, you can also use our contact form to send us any questions or suggestions you may have. It goes without saying that our personal consultation service is non-binding and entirely free of charge. We’re just happy to be of service!



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Our latest
security solutions and minibars for the hotel industry

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Hotel safes, room safes and locker systems

Locker systems for hotels

Particularly in large hotels, there are so many people within the building at any given time that it is very difficult to check who is where. In spite of new surveillance technologies, it is important to ensure that the privacy of your guests is not compromised too much, as this could put them on edge and even ruin their holiday feel-good factor.

For this reason, the best options for storing valuables securely are safes and locker systems, as these can be easily monitored by hotel staff without any issues. Locker systems provided for the convenience of your guests can, for example, be set up in reception or a specific room under video surveillance. <STRONG/>

Locker systems are available in various different sizes to suit your own, specific requirements. If you would like to invest in some additional protection, why not consider installing them within a strongbox with a high security level? This is a wise decision when it comes to keeping your guests’ valuables secure and safe from damage, as not all guests find a room safe to be enough.

Security of hotel safes

In addition to locker systems, we also offer strongboxes for hotels – particularly for use in the administration areas. These, too, are available in all resistance grades and a whole host of different sizes.

Depending on the model, they also offer fire protection in addition to anti-burglary protection, making them ideal for protecting your guests’ valuables and keeping items such as business documents, staff files, guest passports, and cash secure.

Strongrooms in hotels

Of course, you can also install a locker system within a strongroom that is secured with a bullet-proof door and restricted access. This is the best way to ensure maximum security.

Buying a hotel safe

At HARTMANN TRESORE, you can always rely on security solutions that have proven themselves time and again in practice. You can also take advantage of our certified safes that conform to the most state-of-the-art security concepts. We have been providing added security for our customers for decades now, and are proud to count over 200,000 happy shoppers and more than 500,000 installed hotel safes under our belts.

Buying a room safe

A room safe offers more than just security: it also offers protection against unwanted attention from the hotel staff, for example. Even if they’re only leaving the room for a short time, your guests have somewhere to store their things that they do not want to leave lying around. This is where room safes offer an initial level of protection that can then be supplemented by safes and locker systems with constant surveillance to provide even better protection for valuables.