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Our security solutions for architects and designers

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Security by design
Secure from the outset

Added value for building owners

Safety comes first – and particularly during the planning phase, you can ensure in your capacity as architects and designers that everything in your customers’ properties can be stored securely in a way that complies with legal requirements. And that applies regardless of whether it’s a private home or you’re overseeing the construction of a hotel or clinic.

Properties of the future

When it comes to property, security is playing an increasingly crucial role. If this aspect is taken into consideration as early as the planning phase, then safes and strongrooms can be ideally and discreetly integrated into the building itself. If you have any particular requirements, then we are always happy to work with you to come up with the perfect security solution!

Experts in your field

Whether it’s a private residence or commercial property, we are your partner for safes of all kinds – no matter whether you’re kitting out a new hospital with a strongroom or designing shops for trade: HARTMANN TRESORE is your experienced partner at every step of the way.

Our solutions in action

Safe solutions for your projects
Take advantage of our experience and expertise!

We offer safes of all kinds no matter what projects you have in mind! Whether you’re looking for the perfect strongboxes for premium residential properties, a wood-panelled and fully equipped armoury for the country retreat of a passionate hunter, or a strongroom for the newly built premises of a large jeweller – we have the security solution for all situations.

We would be delighted to put together a no-obligation quote for your project. Alternatively, you can start by requesting some of our latest documents designed to help you with planning upcoming projects and calls for tender. If you can’t find the safe you’re looking for in our comprehensive standard range, then we’ll be happy to work with you to develop the perfect solution!

Safes for private properties

Safes for houses and apartments –
Security right from the off

If you’ve remembered to think about the subject of security during the planning phase, then wall safes and floor safes can be installed in places burglars would never expect, as the wall thicknesses can be adjusted accordingly so no additional building effort is required. Even furniture safes are an excellent solution, as these can be integrated discreetly within existing cupboards or desks.

Then, of course, we also have a large selection of “normal” strongboxes in our range to ensure every customer can find the perfect safe to suit their needs! If your customer has stringent safety requirements and would like to store large quantities of values somewhere secure, then be sure to take a look at our modular strongrooms, which can be set up as freestanding units or incorporated into existing rooms.

In addition to other mechanical and electronic security equipment, a safe is one of the most essential components of any security concept. As an architect, you should remember to take the opportunity to provide this extra service for your customers!

Individually manufactured designer safes –
Beauty and security all in one

If your customers are all about exclusivity, then we have just the safes you need. Our “Signature Safes by HARTMANN” are entirely custom-made to suit the precise specifications of your discerning customers. By specifying the dimensions and resistance grade of the safe, the finish in the colour of their choice, and the internal configuration (with premium-quality wood, jewellery drawers and watch winders being a popular choice), this creates a unique and original product that is sure to live up to the customer’s expectations in every respect. We would be also delighted to design an entirely bespoke “Signature Safe” for your customers!

Safes for public institutions and companies

For many companies, safes are simply part of the furniture. Important documents, confidential files and other valuables all have to be stored securely and in compliance with data-protection requirements. What’s more, many sectors also have their own legal requirements and regulations or certain retention periods that have to be observed.

At HARTMANN TRESORE, you can count on special safes for the secure, insurable and legally compliant storage of items such as

  •  Narcotics in pharmacies, hospitals and doctor’s surgeries,
  • Weapons, such as those for police stations, customs offices and courthouses
  • Archive material, for example in offices, museums or companies with a high volume of files and data to be securely stored
  • Jewellery, watches and other valuables, such as in jewellers and museums, or even in bullet-proof glass display cases for salesrooms and exhibition halls
  • Keys, for example in car dealerships and public institutions

Your experts for industry-specific solutions –
for large-scale and special projects

Take advantage of our experience and our comprehensive range of products! We offer beautifully designed safe concepts for you and your customers, which cover all areas of risk within your respective sector:

  • Chain stores
    When it comes to bakery chains, petrol stations, the food services industry, and other high-cash business models, where daily takings and cash balances have to be secured quickly and easily, we offer special drop-down safes – which can also be installed in delivery vehicles – as well as burglar-proof and fireproof value strongboxes for back-office use.
  • The hotel industry
    Our selection for the hotel industry ranges from user-friendly room safes and energy-saving minibars for guest bedrooms right through to locker systems, not to mention burglar-proof and fireproof back-office safes, key dispenser safes, and key management systems.
  • Car dealerships
    Our special solutions for companies within the automotive industry – from car dealerships and retailers through to hire companies and transportation companies – include key safes, key combination safes and key management systems, as well as drop-off/pick-up safes for a real round-the-clock service.
  • Banks
    In the banking sector, we are an experienced partner for the planning, construction and installation of safe systems and strongrooms with very high resistance grades. What’s more, we can also kit these out in line with customer requirements, including features such as a customer locker system.
  • Clinics and care facilities
    When it comes to clinics and care facilities, we offer patient safes, minibars for private rooms, and narcotics safes, not to mention burglar-proof and fireproof strongboxes for back-office use.
  • Public and communal facilities
    From strongrooms for archives through to document safes and special data media safes for electronic data carriers, our range for public facilities really knows no bounds.
  • ...

Right from the planning phase, we’ll be delighted to help your bring your project to life! Take advantage of our years of experience in a whole host of different sectors and contact us for a no-obligation consultation. Our safe experts are always happy to help.

Security on principle –

What type of building are you planning? What is your security concept? What are your specific requirements?

Even our tried-and-tested standard models are available in a wide range of different sizes and configurations, not to mention a whole host of locking systems. And if you have any special requirements, then we will also be happy to come up with an entirely bespoke security solution especially for you! If you like, we can even come out to visit your site and/or provide you with initial sketches, drawings or 3D designs of the planned solution ahead of time to give you an impression of what it will be like.

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Security by tradition

A company steeped in tradition, HARTMANN TRESORE AG was founded over 150 years ago as the Hartmann forge and wheelwright’s workshop before finally specialising in safes back in 1983.