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Are you looking for a safe in Düsseldorf?
Then HARTMANN TRESORE on Graf-Adolf-Straße is the right place for you!

Established in 1994 on Graf-Adolf-Straße, where it can still be found to this day, our Düsseldorf subsidiary is the oldest of our six German branches.

Düsseldorf Branch

Graf-Adolf-Straße 70
40210 Düsseldorf, Germany
Phone: +49 (0) 211 1793 7349
Email: [email protected]

Opening times:
Monday to Friday – 09:00–18:00
Saturday 10:00–14:00

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There is a common misconception about Düsseldorf that many of the people who live here are incredibly rich, so a safe would surely come in handy for all of their valuables. In reality, however, safes and gun safes are by no means just for millionaires looking to stash away their priceless jewellery within their own four walls.

You’re far more likely to need a safe to protect important documents against theft, fire and other external influences. In fact, this is an important consideration for private individuals and business owners alike when making a purchase – particularly when it comes to storing items that are not so easily replaced.

All in all, there are so many different reasons behind the decision to purchase a safe. Whatever yours might be, there are so many different models available that you really should seek out advice from an expert. Fortunately, this service is ready and waiting for you at our Düsseldorf store, where you can also start to build up an impression of how you could stand to benefit from having your own safe. And then, of course, it goes without saying that we also offer an all-round service to accompany our safes. In addition to surveying your own site, HARTMANN TRESORE Düsseldorf can also ensure that you have nothing to worry about when it comes to the delivery and installation of your safe within Düsseldorf and the surrounding area.

Düsseldorf – Altstadt, Königsallee boulevard and Karneval

Düsseldorf is the state capital of North Rhine-Westphalia and is home to around 590,000 inhabitants. Located on the Rhine, this city also boasts the headquarters of a number of major organisations, such as E.ON, Henkel and Metro AG. Düsseldorf also enjoys an excellent reputation as an exhibition city, as well as a booming fashion hub. 

Across the rest of Germany, Düsseldorf is probably best known for Karneval, its old town (or ‘Altstadt’) featuring the ‘longest bar in the world’, and Königsallee boulevard (affectionately known as ‘Kö’) with primarily top-end boutiques and retail outlets attracting shoppers from all over the world. Then, of course, there’s the Rhine Promenade, which is a real centre of attraction and meeting point for many locals and tourists alike. 

Düsseldorf boasts two inland ports and is home to several universities, including the Kunstakademie and Heinrich Heine University. Parts of the harbour have already been transformed into what’s now known as the Medienhafen, a new district with modern office and residential architecture where companies associated with advertising, art and the media have now made their home.